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1998 Chrysler Concorde (6 Reviews)
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I bought my Concorde new in 1998. It's very roomy, quiet, clean, and comfortable on the highway and still looks very nice! Current mileage is 115K. I have the smallish 2.7 liter V6; never-the-less, this car will cruise effortlessly at 80 mph all day! She has been garaged most of her life. When properly maintained as I have done, this car may go another 100K - who knows? I was thinking of buying a newer car but have decided to stick with this continuing-reliable 98 until she finally dies!

My only complaint is that some of the interior trim is beginning to peel from its glue drying out.
when it is good it is great. when it is bad it is sad.
When I got the car I bought it used so I really didnt know much about it before.. After replacing the tires, rotors, tie rods, shifting cable that gave me hell the first winter and just the other usuals that go with wear and tear.. It's all around a good car! It's a nice smooth ride with PLENTY of space if you have kids or need it for a road trip! Mine has about 143k on it and for a v6 it gets great gas milage besides the o2 sensor that just went on it( which seems to be normal for these cars, I was thinking about switching it in for a newer car but i'd be crazy to waste money when this car is still going better than the day i bought it!! If your buying one i'd just say to check the shifting cable, the braking system (tie rods, rotor, brakes etc) and keep your eye on the SES light catch the o2 sensr before it drop out completely like mine did. I love my car and I'm sure you would too!!
My Chrysler Concorde Is Having Electrical Problem ... All My Dashboard Light Stay on , My A/C Doesnt Work , My Turn Signals Lights in the front of the car does not work... i did change the light bulbs but still they dont work ... and sometime my driver side window goes out !!!!
This car is a piece of junk. We had to replace a whole bunch of electrical problems with it and now it is leaking oil. Do not buy these cars!!
THe car is very nice ride, and smooth on the highway - Power is okay, but when the electrical issues started, they are ridiculous - I am not too sure why Chrysler obtained very cheap components to run this car, as it had put a very bad taste in my mouth for Chrysler and their ability to maintain a product they manufactured - Not too good for them, and I would not recommend this car to anyone - It is not realiable nor worth the trouble!