1999 Chrysler Cirrus Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Chrysler Cirrus owners review and rate their 1999 Chrysler Cirrus.

1999 Chrysler Cirrus (4 Reviews)
Body, Interior & Misc.
Drive Train
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Exhaust & Emissions
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I have oil in my # 1 spark plug and don't know why its doing that?
what does it mean why your car have a smoke from the engine any way when i turn my A/C on what the problem
personally i rather enjoy driving and owning this car.the interior is alright not to shabby the leather is pretty easy to clean and maintain.the brakes on this car seem to go rather quickly though i find i have to change mine more than my other car to keep the braking quality where i find fit.the car runs rather smoothly when you keep up on engine maintenance etc.heating works great,the ac only works well on the highest setting possible otherwise nothing happens when i turn it on.over all the car is a smooth ride,hardly feel bumps and what not.steering aint to bad neither,it doesnt follow the bumps in the road and its pretty easy to handle and drive
Body and Interior poor quality. Brake performance average, Drivetrain dependable, 4 cylinder engine prone to have excessive oil leaks, Heating and Air Conditioning average performance, Suspension and Steering below average, road noise transmitted into passenger compartment.