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1998 Chrysler Cirrus (3 Reviews)
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I went to the garage to put my snow tires and they told me that I have to change the left Tie Rod ( steering system )the sooner I can,because it's not safe to drive like that.This is true?? or they try to have a job ?to replace it it will cost around 260,00 plus tax ( part, plus labor, plus alingement)
I have had my Cirrus two years and i was my birthday present from my father. It is a great first car for teenagers, but I have had a lot of problems with it. Before I got the car my grandparents had bought it brand new and then they gave it to my father. The interior is black leather so it burns you in the summer and frezes you in the winter, the cd deck gets stuck a lot so there really isnt any point in using it. The heating works great in it but I have had some major issues with my my compresser, and the switch on the dash board broke on me so I had to buy a new one. The breaks are very good on it, same with the lights, suspennsion and steering. The engin has over 220,000 miles on it and it still runs well and I had to replace the battery after 12 years of the same one this year. I have had the small issues with the radiador and one of my tale lights has a bad connection and is dim most days but still works. and the catilytic converter had to be replaced along with my 02 sensers but that was to be expected. but other than the few problems this is a great first car parents just make sure its in good condition still when you buy it.
I actually havent had many problems with this car at all! My grandparents bought it brand new so I know everything its been through! I just replace the battery this year 12 years is pretty damn good definately on 205000 miles! Yes over 200,000 miles and she runs like a beast only problem i have currently is the air isnt cold anymore and recharging it didnt help :(