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2001 Chrysler 300M (2 Reviews)
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OK so I bought a 2001 300m about 4 months ago for $400 YES $400, it needed a tranny replaced as the one in it was slipping, go into gear and then come out and give it a little gas a away it goes again. Well car has about 200K miles on it and it also needs all new front suspension, rattles when drove bad in the front. Not a biggie as it will cost about $400 for all new ready struts and bushings, control arms, sway bar links and inner/outer tie rod ends. EVERYTHING plus labor to put them on.
So got the tranny in and drives great, still gotta do the front suspension though. When they put the tranny in they didn't adjust something as the shifter is hard going back into park. So gotta get that fixed.. And as of 2 days ago I plugged in the block heater to test it and see if it worked and when I plugged it in it kinda smoked at the plug, quickly unplugged it and left it alone. Next day son drove it to work and he came home and said it tried to stall 2 times on his trip home, SO i went out and started it and seemed fine but as I put it into reverse the MOTOR started running rough and RPMs went up and down and then stalled, I took it to auto zone and tested it for engine light on and came back with code P1495 , So this could be 1 of 3 things one being the , pump solenoid defective ,,open or shorted circuit or ECM defective. So now I gotta get that fixed one I know what's causing all this.
Other than this stuff the car looks luxury to me, interior is real nice and everything works, full power everything and heated seats work great. Clean car just gotta fix the issue stuff.
Value for the dollar is excellent. I bought it used a few years ago for less than 10 grand. I love to drive this car because it is pretty fast and handles well on twisted roads. I can get around 29 mpg on the highway if I drive 65 mph. Sound system is good. On the negative side, the dash has split and the interior door handle broke (one cost $250 to repair). Thought about something newer but many of the newer models copied the design of this one so why bother?