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1999 Chrysler 300M (9 Reviews)
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the a/c button will not work, and the heat will only blow out of top vent. while driving with a/c on the compressor will make a squeak noise.
Bought my 99M used with 1 previous owner @ 251,000k. First week needed new Tires, Radiator, Battery, Terminal Wires, and New Ground cable. @260,000k Replaced Front control arms, and sway bar, Inner tie rod bushings. @270,000k Blew Timing crank bearings.( Almost killed it.) Waterpump,Crank bearings, Timing belt, Cam sensor. @280k replaced all 4 Disks and pads.I am now at @297,000. Just went and picked up Outer tie rods and Heater Control Module. Oh and I have to replace the Battery terminals again..that battery is in the worst location. Thinking of relocating Battery to trunk. STILL LOVE MY 300. KIDWEST
I own a 99 300M. I love the car im just having so many problems. First the coolant resevre goes bad with a crack from heat. Then the coolant system loses pressure. Now the front seal on the transmission is going bad and im leaking fluid. I also now have noticed that i have water leaking from somewhere in the front of the car. Its falling down on the caddilac converter and making tons of white smoke when the car heats up. All in all I like the car and have added alot of cool extras like 6 tvs a gator top and bra stereo system amps and box. I just hate the fact that now that ive put these items in the car that now i have these problems.
bad on gas
Love to drive this car, but electrical problems has made me crazy. Adjusting seat changes radio station. Lights come on randomly and blink while driving or sitting in the driveway. Fuse for radiator fan blows weekly, causing AC to not work. Driver window clip broke and window doesn't move. Passenger window motor replaced twice. I have paid in repairs enough to have purchased new. Oh and when changing alternator, had to saw through bolt to get it out of car. I feel like I was duped by purchasing an American car. So sad.
Smoooth riding car, great to drive. It's quite, has good visability and handles very well. Bought it used 4 years ago since then I have replaced the A/C condensor ($800 with labor since you have to tear out the entire dash to get to it), outer and inner tie rods, radiator, and still can't get the heated seats to work. I have also had the modual for the interior blower fan go bad and it makes the fan blow full blast once the ingnition key is turned. I replaced it with one if found at a junk yard, it lasted three days. I suspect it's the blower fan itself drawing more current in it's old age blowing the power transistor on the modual. I wish they still made this model, I would trade this one in for a new one in a heartbeat. But I would sell if off after about 5-6 years before all this stuff starts to break down.
Love car but electrical problems with pcm and bcm, got me going in circles, worst part electrichans cant find a thing, you go true bcm like you go true tires
Absolutely love the car. As with any car with age, older parts need to be replaced. I replaced the radiator, ac evaporator, struts, strut mounts springs, tie rods (inner and outers), rotors, control arms, tension struts, water pump, and timing belt. I love doing the work on the car. One of the only full size sedans that still on the road that won't break your pockets.
Chrysler 300M Body and Interior comfortable, wind and road noise below average, well insulated, Brakes very good, Electrical Components overall trouble free, Engine Performance good, Exhaust and Emissions good, Heating and Air Conditioning Above average performance. Suspension and steering has good road feel