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2007 Chrysler 300 (8 Reviews)
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I bought my 2007 300T RWD, with 19000 miles. I have 84000 now. The only issue I've had were tie rod ends. Minnesota weather and salt. After I replace two sets of them I purchased a package of complete front end replacement parts and installed grease fittings where ever I could. Also, replaced struts with new springs to protect my hard work. Spent around $450.00 for all parts. I now intend to drive another 100000. Then maybe I will buy something else Diamler builds. Oh yea, if your brakes go bad prematurely, maybe you should be retrained how to use them properly. Mine are still factory pads.
I had this car for 6 years. Overall I think its a good car. Have not had any major issues I have 150000 miles on it. I am now experiencing ticking noise in engine or transmission at this point which may be my first major issue. Chrysler dealership not sure what it is yet.
I have a 300 touring and just recently had a problem with the trunk not opening from inside or with the fob. I can hear the mechanism engage, but not opening. I have to pull down the seat and open with the emergency pull to open. I opened the cover inside the trunk, and found the cable,(while intact) is laying free inside the latch.It just popped loose. I am trying to figure out the assembly so I can repair it myself. If anyone has a diagram to share I would appreciate it.
I have own my chrysler since 2007 and just as of late I have started to have issues: (1) cannot use trunk release from key pad or from inside car (2) while driving over this weekend all my gauges and sunroof starting shuting on and off has anyone had these issues
This vehicle is great, although it can be improved a little... it has as many after market parts as a honda civic. I love my 300 it has the feel of luxury as well as the look, but the power of a muscle car... dont let what they say fool you. This car if well maintained can and will last for a very long time
To: sgtjeff
I have the same issue when shifting into drive. It seems that when I shift into reverse or drive, it flutters for a second or two and then I'm able to go. I also have had issues with the throttle body. Sometimes when the car is sitting idled, it feels and sounds like the car wants to shut off. it happened one time and come to find out the throttle body needed cleaning and after it was cleaned I went across the street to run an errand when I returned to the car and started it up, the acceleration was not performing. I barely made back across the street to the dealership. They had to rent me a vehicle for a week because the throttle body had to be replaced. I also didn't know that there is no cable connection between the accelerator and the throttle body. Everything is electronic. Nice car too many issues
LOVE this car and I've had it over a year. HOWEVER, I do have an issue that when I change gears, say for example from reverse to drive, there is a slight hesitation when I step on the gas for the car to go. It's only a second or two, but I've never experienced this in a car before and it's a tad frustrating/annoying. Otherwise it's a great luxury vehicle.
Rented one of these lately, and while it seemed reliable, the interior is cheap in look and feel. The engine was anemic, the steering soft. Not a car I'd recommend buying.