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2006 Chrysler 300 (6 Reviews)
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I bought the car new in 2006. Good car so far. I have only had the common problems with it so far: Rotors supposedly had a problem but the dealer replaced for free with slotted ones after my car had 20K miles on it; there was a recall on the engine fans and the moonroof...the dealer also fixed those for free. The only issue I've had that they did not fix was with the part that caused the car to be stuck in park. Buy the metal replacement, don't allow them to use the OEM plastic part. Other than that, I've really enjoyed my 300C-SRT8!
i brought this car new in 2006 was so excited now its 2011 and the problems start first had to change the rotors twice the brakes squeak wihen i stop. when i come to a stop the oil light flickers iget my oil changed on time every time so thats bot the problem. now the engine light comes on took to advance to see why the light was coming on and they dont even understand the code it gave. who designed the windsheild in this car have to stop away from the light in order to see it wow wish i would have picked another car. i was a happy customer at one time but now i will not buy another one and oh yeah had to have the regulators for my windows replaced they stopped going up and down and did i tell you about the noise that comes when i turn the wheel man it squeaks and squeels like crazy. and is it just me but when i first turn on my air the thing blows out pure hot hot air then it gets cold before you get this car please check out everything looks should be last im paying for it now. and there are several people i know that own a 300 and are having the same problems
Brought my 300(06) used with 47K miles. I love the look, feel and interior.
Thus far rotors gone bad, had to replace the shifter assembly (would not release from the park position($450.00) was told this is very common on the 300`s but not a recall item(are you kiddin?), steering squeaks when turning, now the motor is rattling at start up, humm!, my dream car doesn`t seem quite so dreamy anymore.
It was the very first car i bought on my own and i love it... I know that many say that American cars are not worth it but I love this car and I am very happy that it has lasted me this long
I love this car, it is great,but, the one thing i found out is that it is not a winter car in the northern part of the hellin the snow,blizzard weather,slip and slide luxury.......only for the warmer months a show car....... but u got to love it.. I do......
If you are a buyer, there is a world of difference between the different models. The base model is a fleet-rental that shares the body with the others. The 300C is a blast. Not opulent but very comfortable, roomy and handles great.