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2005 Chrysler 300 (4 Reviews)
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The chrysler 2005-300 Touring car was my dream car come to reality,now it is my nightmare. The front rotors have been replaced 3 times,ruining 2 sets of new tires the car shakes and roars when u drive over 65 mph &the mechanis said its not out of aleinmt, the shifter wouldn't come out of gear customer serv. said they woud pay for a rental & repairs but didn't, I know 4 people had the same problem; steering wheel squeaks,signal lights have to be manually pushed back in place.
My adjustable seat stopped going back when the car was turned off and adjusting to the driver when started Is there a fix for this?
As 3rd owner this is a real nice car. It has the 5.7 hemi and you have to be careful on acceleration from a stop. The tires are 275/40R20 Hankook Ventus that are at least 10x better than the stock tires and they still easily break traction. With aftermarket suspension and the Hankook tires body sway and the need for traction control (esp) are a slight bad memory from the past. The nice thing about this motor is when your cruising down the freeway 4 of the cylinders turn off for increased fuel efficiency. Mileage is between 15 and 17mpg city & up to 27mpg on the highway depending on road conditions.
Interior received 4 stars due to the door frame molding constantly needing to be pushed back onto the frame edge and having to repeatedly play with the sunroof switch until it decides to stay closed.
Brakes only 3 stars due to the parking brakes total lack of holding power. If the transmission were to fail on an incline and the tires aren't turned correctly it would be bye bye Chrysler. The dealer said this is a 300 "thing".
Electrical 3 stars because there is an intermittent voltage drain that is probably the 6 disc cd changer that at this time is only a fm stereo that won't give up the cd's that are in it and keeps cycling even when the car is off. The driver side back door needs a good whack of the hand on the inside panel when the electrical (window & door lock) stops working.
Would I buy this car again? Yes, but it would be the all wheel drive next time around.
Solid car.