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2004 Chevrolet Venture (9 Reviews)
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2004 Chevy Venture that has over 370,000 miles put in it. I was given last year as a gift. It is my first vehicle ever driven I now had driven it for one whole year. It does have lots have miles on it, so I don't expect it to have the best performance, but it's my first vehicle and gifted. So I am really trying to stay up with the vehicle, so it has life for more years to come.
I have a 2004 Venture that was brought with 12,000 miles on it. I now have over 112,000 miles. And I have not had any trouble with it, just brakes and normal stuff with any car. I love it.
I have owned my Venture for over 6 years and have had a lot of problems with the electrical stuff - windows especially. Now that it's time to change spark plugs, I find they've made that impossible for the owner to do.
Great Van! Wish they were still making them.
We bought this van new in 04 and only have 60,000 miles on it today. It is a peace of crap every month there is something new wrong with it. We had the seals replaced twice, the lt wheel bearings were bad, the fuel gauge does not work, and today it started misfireing and knocking. I will never buy another Chevrolet again. Poor Poor work.
Owned for 6 years since new - now at 80,000 miles - never had one problem, never tuned up - runs like new. Just change the fluids & go - Awesome van!
we bought this van with 20K on it and bought the extended warranty which we needed to replace engine gaskets and a wheel bearing which was very costly. Overall happy with the van the biggest complaint is very little heat when outside temperature drops below 30 degrees. the engine temperature drops very fast after you shut it off, like 15 minutes after shut down it has completely cooled and has to run 15 -20 minutes before heat comes back and you are still shivering because it isn't very warm air
This van has been a great second car for us
Bought it with 78,000 and we now have 125,000+
Also been through two student drivers
Burns no oil, gas mileage averages around 22 mpg highway and city
Suspension is the only draw back, put new rear shocks on it at 90,000 and it still sounds like it bottoms out over bumps and pot holes
I bought my '04 Venture in May 2008 @ 80k miles to use for wedding transportation and wound up keeping it. Despite the mediocre ratings this series gets from CReports and in crash tests, in the 15k miles I've stacked on it in one year I've been quite pleased with it. It's comfortable, very flexible with 8-pax seating options, quiet, and gets commendable gas mileage; I also tow a 3500lb boat with mine, albeit not for long distances. The powertrain seems solid.
Lesser points: it wallows a bit (needs shocks, I'm sure); the OBDII port is dead; the 12v power point is also dead (I wired in a new one); I get a wind whistle/shreik at hiway speeds in certain x-wind conditions (I see there's a TSB on this); and the pax-side power window is dead. But for what I paid (about $5500) it's a great value and its utility is hard to beat. (I run ours with all the center seats out and use that section as a "covered pickup bed.")