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2003 Chevrolet Venture (9 Reviews)
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Hi my name is Errol 306,000 and still going
Hello, My name is Elaine Groh- I was killed in my 2003 Chevy Venture when steering became loose, I tried to control it, but vehicle ended up hitting a tree and it flipped over 4 times, while hitting more trees- My air bad NEVER deployed, so I was partially ejected & was strangled by my seat belt. I survived & spoke until they got me into ambulance & I died. My daughter is typing this, I am in heaven. My advice to anyone who has this type of mini- van is GET RID OF IT! Before it kills you, too-PS I just edited my zip code- accident occurred in FL. not KS.
mass problems with this EVAP emissions system, big time fail on chevys part i must say, im amazed of all the problems i have been reading about. My chevy van has been broke down now for over 3 weeks and still cannot figure out the problem. i will NEVER own a chevy van ever again
purchased the car in 05 pretty good condition never really had problems until struts went,was pretty easy but trying to change the plugs hard times mean hard decisions.all told the van is great...
this is my 2nd venture. Both lemons. I WAS a die-hard gm person. No more. I give up. After shock, struts, tie rod ends, rear brake problems. I am now missing cylinder 6. This comes 24hrs after I got it tuned up at the dealer. Waiting to find out if the repairs are more than the car is worth. No more GM, no more!!
I bought this van new in 2003. It now has 180,000 miles on it,we drive it every day,and other than regular maintenance has cost very little to own.I hate to see the day when I have to get rid of it.Very reliable vehicle!
Bought in 2004 w/ 19k miles as a Program car from local Chevrolet dealer, has 178K on it now. It has had tiptop maintenance. The most aggravating problem is the constant leaking of antifreeze onto the manifold, this is not covered under any recall and is a $800-1000 repair. It seems the gaskets were of very poor quality, and this caused the leaking. It was necessary to constantly be checking the recovery reservoir to make sure it had enough coolant, if not, the heater would not work well (never did really), and the transmission would seem to slip. We never got this vehicle hot, but the dealer would always say if the coolant was low the trans might slip. Other problems include very poor headlights, they are not very bright and have Hs0 condensation inside them. We wanted something we could get service on locally, not sure it was worth it, we plan to get a Toyota next time. Build quality has been extremely poor, a huge dissapointment for approx. $18k vehicle. We feel like we got ripped off. GM should have covered these problems. They only buy the cheapest materials that are borderline functional and let the consumer sort out the rest at their expense. Shame on GM. Thanks for reading my review.
I am a mother of four and I must say the space is the absolute best thing about this van. Each seat either reclines to comfort for each child's needs. I haven't had it for more than 6 months but I haven't had to change anything but a turn signal so far. Knock on wood. I love my van!
We have had good results with this van. It is a good ride and great for vacations. My kids like to borrow it for their trips. We get excellant gas mileage and have had minimal service issues.