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2001 Chevrolet Venture (7 Reviews)
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Braek is not working and there is a smell of electrical smoke
Wow. I have read the reviews of other Venture owners, nasty. I must have got the odd duck. I have 246,858 miles on mine. Bought it new with 3 miles on it. Other then general maintenance, I had to replace the rear light circuit boards (common problem) and have the transmission rebuilt at 186000 miles. Other then that its been brakes and belts/hoses and oil changes. The 3400 V6 still gets 27 mpg/highway 16 city, which is about the same or more then most new vans get. No payments to make and parts are common to find as they used that engine and transmission in several GM products. As long as it runs I will keep it. Sorry the others are having such a bad time with their Ventures.
heating air conditioning no good
I own a 2001 Venture.I bought it in 2007 from a buy here pay here lot.No problems from it untill two years ago.Started with brake lights which cost me over two hundred dollars in fines from the police.Replace the cicuit boards the lights were fixed,for two months.l Left brake light not working again.I have also replaced the oil sending unit,crank shaft senscor,right wheel hub,alternator,radiator,serpertine belt and now my rear brakes or it may be the axle.Can not wait to buy a new car and blow this van up
I have had my Chevy Venture for app. 5 years now after purchasing if with less than 50,000 ml. My Venture now has just under 150,000 ml on it. I have been reading other reviews, WOW! All I can say is that I feel your pain. I complain to my wife about the yearly expenses of maintaining this vehicle. Last year I spent $1,600 to keep it running and the previous two years I spent no less than $500 each year on parts since I do my own work. I feel sorry for the person that is not able to do their own work which would triple the cost to maintain this vehicle. I understand a vehicle of this milage will require maintenance, but not this much. I had the head gaskets replaced, replaced the condenser for the second time, rebuilt the front end and put new tires on it. Now my brake lights are not working and am told it may cost me hundreds to fix as well. Maybe I was spoiled when I sold my Pontiac Bonneville that had 250,000 ml's on it with no work done to the engine. I am seriously looking for a vehicle that was built smart and made to last. Although the van is roomy and rides nicely this vehicle is neither.
I bought my 01 Venture almost 3 years ago and it is a pile of garbage. It was bought at a dealer with an "as is no warranty" which I regret every day of my life. 3 months after purchase, and at 152K miles, head gaskets needed to be replaced ($1400) and as soon as I got the van home, the power steering pump went out ($250). Shortly after that, the rear wiper motor took a crap on me which remains un repaired at this point simply because I just put $3000 more into the van due to an engine replacement at 165K miles. The suspension was never good ever, so that's next on the long list of to-do's. Idol control module was replaced last month as well ($220) and in the summer of 2010, I replaced the a/c compressor which thankfully I only put out $100 on that as my mechanic took pitty on me and waived the labor costs. Next month at tax refund time, the suspension will be repaired, as well as the power steering pump (again) as it leaks everywhere....BUYER BEWARE, unless you want one, come see me because in another couple of months, everything under the hood will be good cause I've had to fix it all!! UGH! If it wasn't a financed vehicle, I would have driven it into Lake Michigan by now!
The van over heats and the heating/AC is weak. The service provider has replaced EVERYTHING--all to no avail. From what I've read, this is a common problem in this model.