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1999 Chevrolet Venture (2 Reviews)
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my power sliding is not work on my van so what do i fixed it i would like it to work again
An exelent car (mini-van 1999) 161,560 miles (260,000 klm)
still a"baby" rides same since I bought it new.
In an accident that the other car was coming behind me
on a about 100 klm/h while I was waiting holding my brakes hard and streched tight against my seat I got hit from that car a Chev Cavallier, went a " right- off" in bad shape and my Venture only chip
a little piece of plastic 1"x1" from behind under the bumber
the only damage was one seting of the 3 of the motorized
drivers seat, was on one motor that the bolt bend slightly
and got stuck, I have not fixed that yet, no need.
I do not neglect the basic maintenance and especially the oil-change.