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2009 Chevrolet Traverse (2 Reviews)
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We bought an 09" Traverse in June 2011. I had a few reservations buying the vehicle used, but it rode great was "Certified Pre-owned," so ended up choosing it over other cross-overs. My father kept telling me there was a smell to the vehicle, but I just thought he was being a clean freak. We kept the vehicle in the garage almost all last year, but then bought new furniture and stored the old in the garage, so we could no longer store the car. This past month the rainy season has started and I started smelling something. As time went by it got worse. My father pulled up the extra space compartment and that area was completely soaked. The smell that came from there was rancid. The cover for the extra space/trunk bottom was completely dry indicating that the water is leaking down from somewhere or from the bottom of the vehicle. I am now getting nausea from the smell it is so strong.
My Traverse has begun to exhibit constant dashboard function failure warnings, followed by the gauges dropping to zero, followed by full vehicle power loss including accelaraton failure. The problem is occurring more and more frequently. I have brought it to two separate Chevrolet dealers and they canot find the problem.