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2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer (12 Reviews)
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Bought my 2006 Trailblazer in 2010/2011 with 68k miles on it and initially liked it (first two years), but four years later (127k miles) nothing but trouble. This Chevy is a piece of JUNK IMO. Terrible design, cheaply built, junk parts, etc. I get it the vehicle is almost 10 years old, but come on. Does every part HAVE to be designed to fail after 100K when you pay 30+ thousand dollars brand new? ridiculous!

I am going to think long and hard before buying another GM product when the time comes and warranty will be EVERYTHING important as the brand. This is the second GM vehicle I've owned (I'm 35) and as soon as they hit 100k it seems like you might as well buy a second one and rotate them back and forth to the shop. TONS of costly repairs in my experience. Let me list a few for perspective buyers who are thinking about buying this vehicle used (they stopped making TBlazers back in 2009).

Remember these are issues and parts I've had to replace in just the past two years. Replaced: 2 Water pumps (AC delco thing probably a lemon), fuel pump, 2 hub bearings, ac condenser unit & compressor, 2 ignition coils, windshield wiper pump and failed door locks).

Issues I'm currently having: malfunctioning interior lighting, rear stereo speakers malfunctioning & shorting out, rear defrost totally failed, leaky intake manifold, leaky radiator and malfunctioning alternator. There are a few other items I can't think of at the moment, but you get the picture. This vehicle has cost me THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars the past two years and it has been on thing after another. OEM parts suppliers and dealerships are making a fortune off people who keep these beastly vehicles outside of the warranty period.

Performance wise it gets terrible fuel economy (even for an SUV/truck at barely 14 mpg with a 6 cylinder engine), features a clunky prehistoric era transmission, terrible uncomfortable seats typical of GM vehicles (not sure how they can't figure this out) and the list goes on. I'm disappointed and not happy. This might be my last GM product.
I have a 06 trailblazer and I have had problems with it since I got it. The belt broke then the gear shaft the lights will dim and when I mash the gas they brighten up, the car cuts off when I stop at a stop sign and the speakers work when they won't to then when they do work its one then another its never all four of them.
My 2006 Trail Blazer has given me more problems and costly money to have it repaired. The check engine light goes off and on,stays on more than off. I had it repaired in 2011 by a Chevorlet Dearlership and 1 month later the light was back on, no help from this dearlership, I also had the wiring repaired because the bulbs would blow out and I have replaced about 5 bulbs this year at a cost of 11.99 per bulb. The Chevorlet Company need to do a recall on all these problems. I can't continue to pay for these high repairs
I purchased a 2006 trailblzer with 63000 miles from carzone in dover delaware on august 10, 2013. By august 23rd the check engine lite was on. Took back to dealer who replaced a coil pack. Within a week check engine lite was back on. Dealer said the first coil pack was faulty and they replaced the thermostat. Oct. 6th check engine lite is back on . Now the dealer said the cylinder head needs to be sent out to a machinist. I wish i had never even looked at this piece of junk.
After 100 k miles the ac and fuel guage stopped working. The ac would only blow out the rear. The gas guage reads empty all the time. We originality purchased the vehicle just to take our grandchildren out. However, the air conditioning repair estimate is over $650 to fix. We budgeted for regular servicing and brakes, but not such a big expence with such low mileage. We just found out the gauge is going to cost $641 to repair. (fuel synding unit) I originality wanted to purchase something a different vehicle but my wife and her aunts and uncles were Chevy fans. They thought they had converted another. I wish. I think I am the one doing the converting. An unhappy Chevrolet Owner.
Just checked all connections, cleaned throttle, checked fuses and my 06 chevy trailblazer still only starts when it wants to. Checked battery, alternator, starter, ignition aren't the problem either. It just starts when it wants to. plz help!!!
It rides smooth but i miss my 1988 Dodge Ram. this is a good family car spacious and descent on gas although newer cars are doing better. I have just put to much money into wear and tear parts at such an start for the vehicle. i bought it with 44,000 on it and now currently has less than 80,000. my old dodge got me from point A to point B with just brakes oil a/c etc and ive flipped the speedometer on it. im not impressed with it but could always be worse....... but the one thing i do hate is my liftgate module went out and you cant take off the panel when it is down without breaking it chevy needs to fix that
bought a 2006 trailblazer from peppers in paris, tennesse. We have had nothing but trouble out of this vehicle. i would not have another one. Also, the fuel clamp came off when we were driving on the interstate. We are lucky that it did not blow up. We lost a tank of gas in less than 5 minutes. The mechanic that fixed it told us that was very rare with that happening. It must have been a recall, and we did not get notified. Real Smart on GM's part.
i love my tb its taking me to all the places i needed to be and go to. The only thing wrong with it now it the ck engine light is on, so i had it changed but its still on..hmmmm....
Bought my 2006 Trailblazer brand new. The first 40,000 miles started noticing that the black coating on the radio buttons were rubbing off? I have never had a car do that before. I didn't have any more issues until I hit 80,000. I've replace the following: Rear Tail light, Alternator$500, Electric cooling fan $600 and Blower motor $250. Also, random interior parts are just breaking and falling off(I don't have kids). The bottom of my seat, where the seat adjuster button is has broken off. A couple of rubber edgings have fallen off and just the other day I found a broken piece under my back seat. Oh.. and it took almost 2 years before the black rubber edging on my tailgate to stop running black tar down the back of my car!! HATE THIS CAR. Had a Montero that lasted me to 125,000 miles without replacing anything except for the brakes!! This car is ridiculously cheaply mad!!!
I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer, bought it brand new off the showroom floor. It currently has 63,000 miles on it. I have maintained the oil changes faithfully, otherwise, it has not cost me anything. I am just now doing the front brakes, drivers side outer tie rod end, plugs and an air filter. Oh and just put on some tires...I also learned it needs a camshaft sensor...a whole $37.00 (LOL). This truck has been WONDERFUL for me. The vehicle I had before this was a 2005 Chevy Equinox, that was the first year for them. It spent at least 1 week a month at the dealership getting fixed....honestly. I had a loaner more than my actual vehicle, after a year I finally said enough, liked the looks of the Trailblazer and away we went. This Trailblazer has haulded campers, trailers etc...without hesitation. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is considering a mid-size SUV. My husband is comforted in knowing that I am safe during my 33 mile one way commute to work every day, and living in New England, we have our fair share of snow and lousy weather. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago I found myself in a situation in which I was sucked in to some slush and truck started going sideways, well, everything kicked in and she sure came around and I was going straight again, I cannot say enough good about the Trailblazer! Thank you Chevy for building a truck I trust and one that is super comfortable!! Kudos from MAINE!
Bought my vehicle from Enterprise with 6700 miles on it. It is 4wd with the in-line six with almost 300 hp. It has performed well overall with 20-21mpg avg if I keep below 70 on frwy. All add-ons like ac/stereo/power windows, mirrors, door locks/etc all still work fine after three years. Interior is 2-tone with camel colored seats and upper part of SUV and black carpets and dash area.

The automatic 4wd works well in snow or sloppy mud. The 4wd locked in low was excellent at pulling stuck trucks out of mud and snow. Vehicle also came equipped with tow package, so I just hooked the tow chain to the ball at the rear and pulled them out.

I plan to own this car for about eight years total. Oil changes every 3-3500 miles. Rotate tires every 5000-5500. Only actual repair so far has been an idler pulley below the power steering pump.

This is the fifth car I have purchased from car rental companies in two different states. If they have a car/truck you like I would recommend anyone considering them.