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2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer (7 Reviews)
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I have owned my 05 Trailblazer since end of 2005 (I am 2nd owner). First few years no problems. Around 2009 I started having check engine light show up on a regular basis. Now it occurs about once every 6 months. Getting expensive to own! I have had electrical connection issues with the headlight (melted connectors), oxygen sensor failure (twice now), bad coils, broken plastic parts on the interior, overheating with a/c on (t-stat problems), etc etc. I have always been on top of maintenance with my rig so I'm pretty disappointed in how it is performing now, especially since its just over 130k miles - that's not very old! Aside from those issues, I am thankful to have a dependable vehicle that has never left me stranded!
Overall the car has been a good car but I did have most of the problems listed for my year. CD player failed(2009ish)Sunroof failed (2010ish)with no replaceable parts only full replacement available (as per goodyear repair) Brakes as of 2012-2013 have been done twice (front)needing another FULL brake job.(supect master cylinder?) I did not have the 4wd switch problems, TG! Front axle driver side has been replaced seals failed (2013)not bad. Electrical some issues with head lights.. only had to hit it a few times and they dem but not bad just strange. Engine itself has been a champ outside of the exhaust manifold. AC/heat has worked great except AC is poor at idle. Steering great Suspension mushy/bouncy since I have owned it, even after front strut replacement.
I love my trailblazer really smooth driving and good for my family the problems that I had is my headligths (fuse) got replaced and now my engine is overheating three times even though I take it for oil changes on time and check my coolant etc. I notice that the oil level is one of the causes and I keep adding a quart of oil and it helps but is happening more often , is my engine going bad please help?
I had my chevy trailblazer for six years. It runs well the powere window on the passenger side failed. Bad on gas, easily to get dents however it runs fairly well.
my cd radio player has four channels only one of them will work
the driver side and the rear speakers will not work only the passenger side will work ,other than that I have had know problems YET .
Well my trailblazer has done pretty good but, i've only had it 3mnths,and my check engine light came on and there has been a wining type noise in the engine.It acts like it doesn't wanna pick up speed.
We just turned over 79,000 miles and we've never had a single problem. We change the oil, oil filter, air and fuel filters but other than that we haven't had to do a thing. I had a 99 Ford Ranger before the Trailblazer and it was pure junk. I would highly endorse the Chevy Trailblazer.