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2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer (8 Reviews)
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Ok people you buy a well used and you have a few expected problems.if you want new buy new.period.
A bought a used 2002 ltZ .with 185k kms . I had to replace some bearings and joints. Expected. Have used it hard for winter work and summer towing a big boat. This thing is a tank. I expect it to outlast me. My only concern is gas milage but its a good trade off for a solid reliable SUV.
Most other 2002 vehicles have been placed in the junk yard. Stop whining about expected maintenance stuff. Because the previous owners did,not do it.
This is by far the best used vehicle I have ever owned and its a dam nice ride to boot.
I bought my new 4WD 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LS in 2001 and it's still on the road with almost 315K miles. I've had some work done to it over the years, particularly with the front end but everything still works including the 4WD, which I used a lot during this past severe winter. The straight 6 engine and differential gearing won't beat anyone off the line but it delivers enough power to pull a house off it's foundation. My hat's off to the Detroit engineers and all the assemblers who put this one together. If all of the autos would design and build cars that go 300K, everyone would win. Can any of the foreigns or domestics design and build autos that consistantly get to 300K?
Only problem , had to replace a coil on the engine , right tail-light goes out about once a year . It started that vib at stop lights last week , mts are good . 2002 100k miles 2wd
i love my truck, having said that let me rail off about what i dont like about it.....the electrical is going n they cant find a reason why, they said the springs n shocks r fine but im pretty sure thats wrong cause if u go over a a few bumps u r sure to hear what can only be described as rubberbands stretching n rubbing together. fed up w/chevy machanics.....wasted time n money...the wipers dont work on intermittent.....the a/c only works when the outside temp gauge reads 55 degrees or higher...i need answers
battery went died and i jumped the truck and then the Check Engine light on 4 wheel drive came on and stayed on and know it will not go in to 4 wheel drive??
I have a 2002 Trailblazer. This is a very expensive care to maintain. I have spent $12K just to keep in running. I have all the receipts. I had to replace the rotars at 50K. Replace the transmission at 75K. I'm at 121K and need new rotars again!! This truck has been dealer maintained. I treat this truck like a queen, she is definately high maintenace. I wouldn't buy another Chevy if they gave 50% off. I have a 1 year old Infinity QX56 and so far so good. Oops! I forgot, they had to replace my gas tank after 1 month of owning my TB. No cost to me but a huge inconvenience.
Replace brakes a lot on this. Muffler broke at rear. Can't understand why they don't put a brace at very end to prevent muffler from having so much weight there. Not rocket science. Got it welded twice but next time will need whole thing. Needed a wheel hub assembly in front. All in all, I like the car. It gets decent highway mileage (20-21) but lousy city mileage (10-12). Got 89K on it and will keep it a couple of years more I guess. Am going to put new drilled rotors and ceramic brakes on it. Hope it's the last time. They don't make TB anymore so review doesn't mean much I guess. Repair Pal rocks. Thanks.
old but has been my most reliable car i have ever had!