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2007 Chevrolet Tahoe (8 Reviews)
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I have a 2007 Tahoe purchased doing summer of 07. It was a really great SUV until around 155,000 miles my transmission went in March now starting off having problems with electrical wiring system and engine smells like burning oil. I don't think be looking at another Tahoe as was considering because seems this one is trying to give me trouble my warranty is expired so probably had to pay extra getting these things fixed as paid a fortune on my transmission hate that because really loved this SUV until wanted to buy another newer model.
I bought my 2007 Tahoe LT used with 17,000 miles on it. I've had it for 6 years (currently at 61,000 miles) and the only problems I've encountered is the peeling of the chrome on the inside door handles, a slight jerk after I come to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign, and a sensor went out in the starter. I foungd out that there was a recall on the peeling of the chrome, so that was fixed for free. The jerking was because lube or gel had to be applied to the suspensions (???), and the sensor in the starter was covered under warranty. All these things happened last year and I haven't had any other problems (knock on wood). I make sure to keep up and have all the required services rendered to keep it's performance at perfection...running as smoothly as it is now. Overall, I love my truck!
I have an 2007 Tahoe and I had a transmission leak in 2012 and warranty paid for it. Now I have had to rebuild my transmission in 2013 (out of pocket) it has been sitting about 3 and a half months. Now I have a "oil pressure low stop engine" warning on, the gauge drops down to the red line. BUT my engine is not knocking, my truck is not over heating, I am not sure what the problem is. I don't want to have to pay anymore out of pocket. I also have airbag needs service warning on. I was told I could have several things going on. 1. Oil Sensor, 2. gasket, 3. Internal engine issues 4. engine needs replacing. If anyone has had one or more of my issues please advise me? If you may know what I can do to fix this please let me know.? It cost 400 to take apart to find out what the issue is, I have need told. I also been told I can do a engine flush to see if that could be it, but I read that is not a good thing to do.
Love my Tahoe! Only issue I have had was with the manufacturer wanting me to replace the camshaft out of pocket (defect!) three times!!! Second time was around 112,000 and they were not going to fix it because the warranty had expired, BUT because I had the almost same exact problem @ 98,000, they agreed it was a problem. Fixed, so I thought. I was told that the motor was being rebuilt. What a lie!!! At 126,000, the same thing happened again. Was not a happy camper. This time the manufacturer wanted me to foot the bill and purchase a new engine. Right!! Inherent problem and I have to pay for it? I did have to pay a deductible, but now that I'm at 129,000, I'm back to smooth sailing. Really happy that my engine get its first tune up and it was still a smooth ride before that.
Oh, I'm fanatical on making sure routine maintenance is done. Belts have been replace, brakes have been services, tranny serviced every 50,000 miles, and tune up done.
Bought our 2007 Tahoe new, has 132000 miles on it and the transmission went out. The trim in the Tahoe has not held up and we are very disappointed with the SUV. Will not buy another one.
overall good vehicle. I have 96,000 miles on it. Replaced door handles under warranty. Lights flicker at night sometimes. Had 4 wheel driver axle boot replaced and drive line front and rear bushings replaced. I have spent about 450 dollers in repairs not counting tires and oil cahnge on this vehicle so not bad I dont think
2007 TAHOE bought it brand new! Interior and Exterior elements have been falling apart since we bought the truck! Trim around the windows pops off. Interior is already cracking. Brakes had to be replaced within the 1st 6 months. Reluctantly Chevy paid for them. Brakes suddenly started grinding, ended up having to replace the rotors. Not to mention their is oil in the brake line! And....the master cylinder needs to be replaced. Very disappointed in Chevy. We have never like this vehicle!
At only 30K miles we had to have Tranny rebuilt, a year later and its going out AGAIN! Numerous battery/electrical problems.. I took to dealer while under warranty and requested they check my chargig system and all that out, well all they did was give me a new battery and tell me all was fine. Well it wasn't and now that it is no longer under the 36K mile warranty it will be my $ to get the alternator replaced and hope that solves our problems. (we put a red top Optima in it and still have problems). Additionally we had to have all the interior door handles replaced. The chrome plastic covering peels off and feels like little razors when you open your door. A year later ... they are peelig again but yup , you probably guessed , we have to pay for the replacement. The brakes also squeal like crazy, even after they were replaced and we put stop squeak on them. GM is totally unhelpful. They know the truck has problmes with batteries and transmission but they leave us owners out in the cold. We traded out 99 Durango to get this truck so I would have something more reliable... BIG MISTAKE. We are now going to try and trade the Tahoe in for another Durago.