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2002 Chevrolet Tahoe (10 Reviews)
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Auto purchased in 2002 (new) @ Banner Chevrolet and till this day have been having problems with the Steering Shaft Knuckle which had to be repaired on numerous occasions. Other than that, the vehicle is in excellent condition. I have 109,707 miles. Love it.
We bought this tahoe in 04 with 24k on it , I have spent a crapload of money on this vehicle : in 06 had to replace plenum 960 $ , 09 the fwd module went out in the transfercase 1500$ have had 3 windshield pumps, rear main started leaking in 2010 , a/c compressor went 2011 heater module went 2012 had all this fixed 1800 $ total and now its making a very annoying noise like something is loose and chattering or fluttering under the hood only does it driving not when I rev it and not at idle could this be exhaust leak ?? Any ideas..... also forgot replaced an o2 sensor in all that and replaced plugs and wires it has 194k on it now and its also been coding knock sensor now is that hurting it by driving it
Got a 2002 brand new..never had a problem till recently. catalytic converter is going out and sounds awful! Rear main seal was leaking.(Fixed it) Now my Tow/Haul switch is shorting out and going on and off in the middle driving and changing gears on me. Mlps Sensor out. Knock Sensor out also....Did you know you have to remove the top half of the engine to replace a $40 Knock sensor?(Ridiculous!) Labor for that is gonna be outrageous. 140,000 miles and I'm thinking about getting rid of this thing!!!
Great family SUV with a couple of exceptions. Have owned vehicle since 2004 and recently the rear view mirrors, driver and passenger will not adjust down using the inside controls. The second row seat belts do not recoil. The e-brake is completely out after I had rear brakes (Rotors/Pads) replaced. Before that they barely worked. The metel hook attached to metal wire that allows you to pull down second row seat has broke. Now you can't climb back to third row unless you manually pull on wire with great force. The running boards have a detachable top (Snap off/on) which collects tons of mud. Last, when there is heavy rain the roof leaks water, it comes in around the cargo rack which is not sealed correctly. Put on the brakes and there is a water fall on driver and passenger. Overall the engine, body, frame, suspension, and interior in terms of holding up to stains and spills are solid.
I bought this new in 2002. I have been impressed and disappointed at the same time. In the 8 1/2 years that I've own this car I've had to replace the transmission twice. The fist time I took it to the dealer and they replaced the broken disc. The second time I didn't trust the dealer so I took it to AAMCO. Both times were fixed under warranty... easily could have cost me well over $2,400. I had to fill my coolant continuously until I realize I had to replace the water pump because it had a leak.($160.00) My air condition doesn't work because the tension pulley broke twice ($110.00) every time I change the band it rips off. Both catalytic converters had to be replaced ($780.00 1 day repair). At the start of my vacation with my family in the middle of nowhere the fuel filter went out. I had to call AAA, wait 2 hours for them to arrive and have it towed 86 miles to the nearest repair shop. ($420 and 6 hours later) Needless to say that put a damper on our plans. Now the ABS Modular is out and my console is out. I can't read when I put it on P R N D 2 3, the speedometer, RPM, Oil Gauge nor the fuel gage are working... my wife took it to work thinking there was still gas because the gauge was reading half a tank full and it stalled on her on the freeway... fortunatley no cars plowed into here as she "again" waited for AAA. "I'm not happy!" all in all 2002 Chevy Tahoe... "PRICELESS"
Bought her new in 01 and it has 243k miles on her and still is an awesome truck. It had the spark plugs, brakes replaced once and the compressor replaced once and both done about 10k miles ago. It just recently had a rear main seal leak but other than that she is still running just as strong as it was when I first bought her.
I bought this new and it has 189,000 miles minor issues except for Cataylitic converter went out twice. Other than that it has been a great truck!
Over 100k on the clock and still running strong. Brake wear & rotor replacements are the only issues over the years. The truck is a keeper!
Don't drive with the parking brake on by mistake, even for a short time or the parking brake shoes will need to be replaced. one other major proplem area is the fuel pump - it may leave you stranded! Very nice vechile otherwise. You can carry or tow just about anything.
We have owned this vehicle since 2005 with only two problems: 1. transmission needed to be rebuilt and 2. front upper and lower ball joints and control arms. Otherwise this has been an extraordinary vehicle.