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2000 Chevrolet Tahoe (3 Reviews)
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I bought this Tahoe with 73,000 miles on it about 6 years ago. It now has about 170,000 miles and the engine has done an excellent job. I have pulled 24' enclosed trailers with vintage cars with it in the mountains with no problem. The biggest issue is the transmission. I had it rebuilt first about 4 years ago after having the car only 2 years. Then last year I had to have it rebuilt again. It is currently acting like I am running on a rough road when it gets ready to shift from 3rd to OD. If I manually put it in 3rd the problem is not so bad but it looks like I have more transmission issues and need to take it to the shop again. Great car but terrible transmission! Gene
I have this 2000 Tahoe, mine's a Z71. It has about 190k miles and it's really an excellent vehicle for a family. Very roomy and comfortable. The leather is still in excellent condition. It has been regularly maintained. The dual air is nice to ensure comfort throughout this spacious SUV. We are just replace the a/c compressor and a fuel injector. The previous owner switched and put green coolant in, but we are converting it back to the original DEX-COOL (red) for Chevy's. These large SUV's corner a bit uncomfortably. Now I'm getting a little exhaust fumes when first starting.
Bought this truck new and currently have 114k miles. It has been trouble free except for poor quality leatherette interior(replaced driver seat and armrest 2 times)

A few a/c issues and a water pump failure (within first 10k miles)

other than that the truck has held up well and is still working fine