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1999 Chevrolet Tahoe (6 Reviews)
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Original owner with 225,000 miles. First major problem was today with the transmission. You read that correctly 225,000 carefree miles. Even the transmission work is only going to cost me 1,500 from a very trusted transmission shop. All other work is maintenance (batteries, tires, O2 Sensors, distributor cap, fuel filter, rotor, plugs, brakes, brake cable, etc.).

I do have the craziest little problem. The back tail light board is the third one I have installed and it still acts up. The spring contacts just don't seem to work right. Drives me nuts have spent 15 hours over life of truck on just this one issue.

Other little problems, many of the lights on dash (radio, a/c heat, etc.) have gone out. Passenger door needs to be locked manually. On the whole the interior durability does not match the drive train and exterior durability.

Starting to see some eaten through rust spots (top of wheel panel and cargo door. I live in Maine so not surprising.

Last few years I have also used the truck to plow my 900' driveway, plus friends 8 car parking area. Hard usage with lots of snow storms.

It looks like I will be keeping this for another 2 -3 years because it runs great.
I just bought this truck and the check engine light came
on yester
day had it tested and they said it was the catalyti converter does a.y one know how much they cost hoping is something else
I have a 1999 Tahoe Limited. It has a few issues every now and then, but overall it has been a great vehicle over the years. I bought it in 2002 with 50,000 miles on the motor. I didnt have any issues with this car for the first 7 years. Once the car hit 130,000 the problems that you hear about with the 1992-1999 chevy trucks starting popping up.

In 2009, I replaced the fuel pump($700). Later that year, the lower intake gaskets lost their seal, and I had to replace those ($900). While the gaskets were only 12 bucks, the labor was too intensive to do myself and cost over $900 to finish. In 2010, the AC compressor locked up, which had to be replaced($850). Finally, last week the transmission grinded to a halt, which Im getting replaced today for a solid $2800. It has been a beast of a car the last couple years, but the 5.7l is such a solid engine I cant see myself getting rid of it anytime soon. My parents 1992 Suburban went 298,000 with all of the same problems that mine has had so far, so hopefully Ill get a reprieve for a while from the last two years.

Only other issues were replacing power window motor and actuator on passenger drivers side. Did the work myself, so it only cost about $180.
Got it in 2001. It's had a few problems but handles like a dream. Only problems I've had were lifter problems, rotor problems and a bad fuel pump. other than that, all origional parts and body's in good shape! I LOVE THIS TRUCK. Anyone who says GM sucks can suck it.
Neede New Transmission at 190000 miles.

New Fuel injector pump(Spider) at 175000 miles
One FABULOUS vehicle. Best vehicle I have purchased, internationally.
The later models no longer have a front bench option - BIG MISTAKE!
I purchased this vehicle for that very reason. This model just goes and goes. Love driving it; my car is always the "vehicle of choice for trips;" our people and animals love riding in it.
CHEVROLET - rethink your entire business plan, make more Tahoe's, reintroduce the front bench option, and you will certainly increase your profit margin in due course.