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1998 Chevrolet Tahoe (1 Review)
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I purchased this truck new at the end of 1997 in Kansas City fully loaded LT 5.7 Liter with Tow package. I have enjoyed it very much. I have replaced the radiator with a GM part at 70k due to a rock causing a leak. I have replaced the serpentine belt twice after full use. I have replaced the engine block after 200k miles due to a crack in the 5th with a refurbished one. I have maintained the oil changes every 3-5 with fully synthetic oil and I have had a O2 sensor go out a couple times replacing that...; currently I am having a master seal leaking slowly at 238k miles along the oil pan, and onto my driveway..ouch! Time to fix..LOL. I have only used BF Goodrich Long Trail tires for they have been dependable and long lasting, this is my 3rd set and ready for another. I have driven this SUV from KC to California to Monterey, CA, and back to San Diego, CA. The leather seats have been nice, yet get hot in the sun, and I have replaced the leather on the drivers seat only from normal wear getting in and out. No need for heated seats but very nice when needed. I just notice after 230k miles a crack in my dash, no biggy. I can easily move the rear seats forward for enough space for an aerobed to lay down in the back for camping...crack the windows and awesome sleeper with plenty of space for all the luggage in the front seats. I've towed boats, 5 motorcycles with an inclosed trailer to Monterey,CA for laguna Seca, along with 4 of us driving up, and fully loaded Great times! I've replaced the spark plugs and alternator three times over its lifetime now of 238,500miles. I just noticed that the paint on the roof is starting to weather, and I wax and clean regularly. Still looks detailed after I wax it, and degrease the engine...LOL the kids are ready for something new, yet can go to 500k..LOL