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1995 Chevrolet Tahoe (5 Reviews)
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I have a 95 2 door sport Tahoe ever since I bought the thing the rear end makes a humming noise if once I'm in over drive and its only when I press on the gas if I let off at all it stops but the sec I put pressure back on the gas even if it's very little is starts to hum again to me it sounds like it's coming from the rear diff nothing has ever gone wrong with it but it drives me nuts
I have had this truck for many years, i must say this is the best i have owned the only problem is the paint. It has faded and chipped from the top of the truck, top of all doors, and the hood. i have tried to contact chevy but have gotten no response.if any one knows why please write back.
I have 397,682 Miles on my Tahoe she rarely lets me down
I have owned a 1995 Chevy Tahoe Since the 4 doors came out I purchased the 1st one the dealer ever had. It currently has 315,000 original miles on the engine, Transmission, rear springs rear differential, Transfer case, none have ever been rebuilt, I have always driven this vehicle at high speeds and off road quite often, I have towed many times and moved myself family and friends, probably more than 50 times. I have pulled Snow plow trucks out of ditches, rescued people in snow storms, and dragged payloaders out of mud. I have thoroughly used abuse this vehicle and it has never failed me! Only yesterday, the transmission went on it. This is the only American vehicle I have ever owned And never plan on getting rid of it.
you can tell i love my 95 tahoe hence the name tahoejoe lol. bought mine used with 50k. now at 152k she is still going strong. no major problems. drove her from georgia to california with no problems. the body is great. its big and roomy. i feel safe when i'm driving her. the greatest product to leave GM's vault. love it.