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2007 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 owners review and rate their 2007 Chevrolet Suburban 1500.

2007 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 (9 Reviews)
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I traded in our 03 Yukon for this 07 Burb LTZ - wanted the navigation and onstar for the family, bought it from a local car store - this truck looks awesome - drives awesome and gets great mileage on a tank. I picked up the truck for a good price and since the Yukon never let me down I figured these new GMs would be just as good... well I have to say there are some tacky design areas - internal door handles are chrome plastic - peeling causes scalpel like shards that can cut you - I filed most of this off with the wife's nail board. Right now its suffering from a broken oil switch - bad grounding or bad transfer case servo motor/encoder. So I know when you buy second user you buy someone else's problems.. I get that, but I just cant help but think the old Yukon was a much better truck than this one... In addition I have replaced the Brake Pedal switch (stops cruse from working). Stripped and cleaned the throttle body. Reworked the heating buttons with new transfers as they were worn bad. Repaired the heated Rear window spade connector - it had fell off. Updated the Nav software to 2013 from 2008.... and I will end up replacing the oil pressure switch which is a bummer to get to.. and then attempt the 4 WD repair. In 3 months I have bought more, fixed more and had more problems than my old Yukon, but I'm so far into this truck now I dont think I can stop... I just hope it doesnt develop any upper engine issues I hear so much about... it actually runs very well as I believe it was dealer serviced up until the time I purchased it. But you know what I still love my Burb - she's my high maintenance "Bit on the Side" according to my wife.
2007 Suburban LS. Its the 9-seater (has 9 seatbelts) although we never use the front middle bench.. pretty cramp. Anyway.. bought this in November 2006.. and in January 2007.. the first snow fall in my town in New Jersey.. the car would not engage in 4 wheel drive. Annoying.. but went to the dealer, and it was covered under warranty, had to have what they called an actuator replaced. Right then, I thought oh boy.. this is going to be a lemon... but surprisingly we drove it back and forth from NJ to Florida perhaps 6 times... NJ to the Carolina's.. to Lake Placid.. to Montreal.. and basically a great comfortable ride with the long wheel base and comfy seats for the family of 5 we have, and plenty of cargo space for luggage, boogie boards, ski's and what have you. Love the truck.. then almost exactly 7 years from the day we bought it.. had it serviced, a major one.. costing like $1k.. tune up... oil.. 4wd checked...and transfer case serviced, etc. I told my wife, that we should consider trading it in.. as the new Suburban model was coming out. Rather, we decided that we get another SUV.. and traded in her Honda Accord for a 2014 Durango R/T with AWD. We figure .. just in case, we have a back up SUV we use the 2007 Suburban for only long haul travel. Sure enough, on the way to Clearwater Florida in August 2014, a check engine light went on.. and $866 service from Dimmit Chevrolet (during vacation), to clean up oil build up which prevent oil circulating to the top of the engine.. mentioned a second clogged oil filter there was just clogged... then on the way home.. in Jacksonville, car would no longer go past 50 mph, engine light back on... we simply shlepped slowly back north and at Paramus Chevrolet, had $1,800 to fix.. timing chain stretched, and chain tensioner broke.. which needed replacing... Thinking all is well.. on day before Thanksgiving, it made it to Montreal Canada with 4wd working flawlessly in a huge snowstorm in the east.. no problems.. feeling smug again.. then on the first week of January.. got a "service air bag" sensor light go on.. and on a day of about 3 inches of snow.. the 4wd would not engage again... scheduled an appointment for Jan 19th but never made it.. on the way home Jan 10th from Red Bank NJ... the transmission started slipping and just died. Stuck at the Gardenstate Parkway at 2am... had the Suburban towed to the nearest Chevy dealer.. Circle Chev in Shrewsbury, NJ. well its Jan 24th, picked it up lastnight, the bill . $4,328. New tranny, front sensor for air bag behind bumper replaced.. had the front brake pads and rotors done.. another replaced Tcase actuator for the 4wd done (the car's 3rd one !.. I only used 4wd perhaps a dozen times in its life!)... so here I am today. Car runs great again... I love the ride.. the cargo is awesome, more than the newer Suburban model.. more than the new Expedition EL too. Perhaps this is it..should I keep it.. I'm already about $8k is service fees in past 14 months.. no more worries ? or not. Suburban has 81,400 miles.
My 2007 had the rear differential go out 2 weeks after the 5 year build date. After 3 letters Chevy paid half. My dealer guaranteed for 23 months and 13,000. died after 13 months and 20,000. MY PROBLEM. Love the car but think I have a lemon. My Tahoe died at 136,000 and this turkey is 118,000 and is leaking again. I have a Ford in my future.
The car is great to drive but is riddled with poor design and poor craftsmanship. Simple things such as cutting our fingers on the door handles because the plastic wrap peels creating sharp edges. Windows that don't open at all if below zero. Windshield wipers that don't spray. Dash board readout lights that die because of poor resister soldering. Stabilitrak that goes on and off. All these add up to a flaky car. Generally it's great to drive when things are working. But Chev produced a clunker that I'm paying to fix.

The big big issue is the 2007 engine is known for burning oil, ring issues and problems. Chev worked on the engine at 60k miles at their cost. But it started smoking again later just out of warranty. Now, I just found out that I had a dead cylinder that then caused the engine to burn up. Rather pissed at the whole situation.

I bought the suburban because it was supposed to run forever. turns out my Ford Escort was more dependable.
4x4 LT model and I love it. We now have 64K on this vehicle and it still drives like new. Used in snow a couple of time in some very hilly country and it handled beautifully. This is the best vehicle I've ever owned with the fewest problems.
Have a 2007 Burb, just rolled over 100K, still looks like new. The wife still drive the 02 tahoe to work, and with 248K on it, with no engine, tranny work done. Very happy with the Burb and hope to get 250K out of it.
Great truck
Great car to drive in the snow, very comfortable driving on highway and mountain roads.