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1993 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 (2 Reviews)
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I have a 1998 Chevy Suburban LT, K-1500 it has the 4L-60 trans, along with the ol reliable 5.7 350 engine. I bought it 4 years ago now. The body, and interior were BEA utiful. It had 175k when I bought it. The engine was tired, Trans was slipping a little, then it would shift hard. Would have to pull over turn off vehicle, wait a few minutes, and restart. It would be fine, for another 30 miles. 2 1/2 years now I've had ol Bessy. I have replaced the 350 engine with a 350, 350 horse out of my local Chevy dealer. The Transmission was replaced finally late in 2012. The motor only has 28,000 now, trans only has 6,000 now. The front end still needs to be redone, Differential, Tie Rods, Ball Joints, etc... I am looking to do this now, also would like to put a limited slip in the rear for now, then do front later. I'm not a 4 wheel person, just want that limited slip front, rear, if when needed. Then it will be time for Interior to be redone, and then Body few door dings, since people don't care if they slam open their door on your vehicle. Then Paint, back to stock, also replace factory Fiberglass running boards full length. I cannot seem to find replacement Running Boards. I have 3 dogs, two English Springer Spaniels, then one big St. Bernard, also a wife and a 9 year old. This is why I have to redo interior, kid, and dogs. I grew up in the 70's my Dad had several Chevy's, we had three Suburban's while I was growing up. I loved those Burbs. We had a 1973 Trailering Special, small block 400, 400 turbo Trans, we kept it until I left high school. Dad rebuilt motor when a teenager. We used to drive it to school 20 miles away. With 5 kids in it, it would just scream down the highway, smoke them off at lights if you wanted to. My wife now hated them, now since I have mine, she just loves it for the comfort, and convenience. I put a 3 inch cat back exhaust on from Gibson, made a Big Diff, in mileage, and power. Gained 1 M.P.G, all around, and power is so there now. Especially with that 350, 350. Chevy also gave me a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty on both engine, and trans. That's just so Awesome, you know it will last if they are doing that!!. After all my improvements, drivetrain, suspension rebuilds. I am thinking of putting a custom built 383 Stroker out of Chevy High Performance. Like maybe 400 horse to the tires. After it's all said, and done. It will only be used as a toy hauler, and for entertainment. Maybe a 3 inch lift after that. All I can say after all the Suburban's I have been around, you can't go wrong. It may need few things, but it will go another 200,000 grand, or more if taken care of properly!!. Someone asked about a 92, 93 Chevy what Transmission to put in. They come stock with the 700 R 4 Overdrive. The problems they had with those was the Overdrive would go out fairly quickly. In these days they can be redone, and be more reliable than ever. You can go with a 4L60 E, but would need computer, and harness. Also change driveline, would have to have one made. All depends on what you want to spend, and how much work you want to do. Chevy/G.M.C all the way!!.

Ol Bessy.
Littleton, Co.
my suburbans tranny went out and im having truoble finding which type to put in