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2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD (2 Reviews)
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Bought 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with 8.1 496 CI and Allison Transmission with 179,00 Miles from Texas. The Body and chasis is 100% Rust Free (Why I went for it besides having the 8.1 and Allison Tranny) Upon getting it - there was a hole in the Radiator. Starter went within 1 week. A week later the water pump started leaking. Okay it's not that bad. I love this truck. Put in Billstien Shocks, Came with new GT Dextera DH2 Tires from Walmart Excellent Highway Tires. (Going to Ad Nokian Rotiva All Terrains eventually) Had new wires and spark plugs. I changed out front and rear Differential Fluid "Amsoil" put in Wagner Severe Duty Break Pads and rear Rotors.
Changed out front Bumper, Valants, Grille and lights as well as rear lights. The truck looks amazing aside from a small dent in rear and could use a new paint job in time. This truck is a BEAST - it's fast and has a ton of torque I think over 440 ft of Torque. It will tow a 32' RV Trailer easy. Gas mileage is about 9ish but it's gone up to 12.5 MPG I used Redline Fuel System Cleaner full bottle for the first 2 fill ups and now adding 4 oz of Lucas Cleaner/Conditioner every fill up. Truck runs MINT! Whoever sold it did take care of it but I'm certain what I replaced were all original parts that were 15 years in the making and just had done their time. No more Tundra's or Fords - The 8.1 with Allison is going to be a very sought after Classic. Just wish the seat went up higher - I set the steering wheel a bit lower but just wish I could raise seat a bit. Plenty of head room in this Pickup. Drives Nicely. Defroster could be stronger. Best Truck I've owned.
Love my truck! 01 Crew Cab 4x4 Lt with 6.0L gas. Have wished since the day I got it for either the 8.1 or the Duramax. 6.0 is fine for most driving and even light towing, but is gutless if you tow 8,000lbs or more. Have had to switch to low range on the road to get started when towing my 32ft camper on medium hills. Have 179k miles on it now and occasionally have a lifter knock loudly for several seconds when at speed on the highway as the motor warms up just past 130 degrees. Can't find the problem as it is very erratic. Gas milage has always sucked...only getting about 12 mpg average now. And that is mostly empty highway miles. I do run 305/70-16's that don't help my mileage at all but look great. Overall though I love this truck and it still drives great and turns heads (loud 2.5in dual exhausts help with that!)