2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo owners review and rate their 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (3 Reviews)
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this car has been a disappointment from the start ... brand new the brakes scrape and grind. they said it was sitting a long time that's normal they say.. a year in the steering wheel started with a clunking, they relubed it and said it fine , still does it , brakes still suck, car only has 30,000 miles on it...power steering started making weird noise , checked it and it was bone dry ?, no leak. checked radiator and it also was bone dry , no leak.. ????? and the worst part it has started rusting in rear wheel well in 2008 and my mother never took it in when it was under warranty, dumb move.. does not get driven in winter, never has , but she has rust.. I myself am a FORD GIRL heart and soul,all I ever owned is a ford .sorry chevy I think you suck but my mom doesnt..
I bought this car 2 years ago with 86000. I have had to replace 2 wheel bearings, and 1 brake caliper. Only left me stranded once when the key would not work in the ignition. Towed it home, took out the switch, smacked it with a screw driver, and its worked ever since .LOL
Great car, good gas mileage, and I look cool driving it.
bought this car with 27000 miles on it about 4 and half years ago now has 44000 miles on it no trouble what so ever everything still works and runs great!!