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2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (6 Reviews)
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Car is a good driver and looker if you forgive the fact that I will be putting a 4th transmission in it @ 137,000 miles. I bought it used with 30k on the odometer. 1st trans went at 50k (Clutches), second at 80k (pump and clutchs), and now the finals are growling like a wounded dog. GM needs to do something about the crappy transmissions in these cars. I'm not the only one in my area with trans problems either. the shops I've been too all say that this particular trans that's also used in the Grand Prix and Impala is garbage.
have 2004 chevy montecarlo with 18,000 orig miles. electrical panel keeps going nuts - the whole thing lights up. the speedometer does not always work. sometimes it registers 20 mph when I am actually doing around 60 mph. Anyone have any suggestions or similar problem?
I have a 2003 monte ss and only have a couple of concerns one is the fuel gauge reads anything it wants to even after replacing the level unit in the tank for 127.50 an 1 hour of my time, ant he catalytic conertor failure (clogged) had no power replaced it and my car is as fast as it was previously which is quite impressive for a 3.8 litre engine and i get 33mpg @ 73mph because i measured this when driving from just outside philadelphia pa to las vegas nv in just 36 hous straight just stopping for gas (i did not sleep for the entire trip driving by myself )and a utah cop who just wanted to search my car beacuase i was from pa other than those 2 issues i love my car it the most comfortable car i have driven any where
2004 monte carlo ss, the headlights are staying on after the car is shut off
Bought a 2004 Dale Jr. Monte Carlo SS with 25,000 miles on it. Nice car except the interior sucks. The dash curled up in the front, the emergency flasher switch fell into the dash and plastic pieces out, probably some our the mounting hardware. The headlight sockets keep burning up and when I went to check them a clip broke that holds the lamp in and I am being told I have to but the whole headlight assembly just to replace this teeny plastic ring. Now my headlighs are stuck in high beam mode and I can't change to low beam. My speedometer whacks out and says I am doing 70 when I am going around 30 and when I am sitting still, its reads 10 mph. I could go on but I am tired of typing. I will never buy another chevy again.
I have had this 2004 car at 19,000 miles when purchased and i had to change out some box under the hood which caused the air not to work, lights going on and off, radio would not work, what ever the problem was the entire box had to be replaced. There has not been any other problems since then.