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1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (4 Reviews)
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1999 Bought used at 190k or so. Good car so far and have only had to replace thing's I already knew were worn out when I bought it. One wheel bearing and the battery. Changed oil using a good quality synthetic oil and filter and I hope to drive this good looking fire engine red MC for a long time. Hopefully trouble free as I've had other GM products and have had good luck with all of them so far.
We have a 99 Monte Carlo have owned it since 2004.
Second owner.
we have had to replace the starter , the alternator ,transmission leak, gas tank replaced,duel muffler's twice.
front wheel hub assembly (barring's),1 rear barring , caliper's twice , break pads 3 or 4 time's , replaced the rotor's twice.
replaced the window motor on driver's door.

and Now we need to replace 1 rear barring , rear strut mounts, gas leak at the spout, and tire's for the 4th time, and it has 236km's on it.. only has one rust hole on rear wheel well.

Does anyone know how much strut mounts and rear wheel barring would cost to get fixed at a garage?. is it worth fixing?
Don't think I'll buy another chev.

I am the original and only owner of this car. I've replaced the battery 3 times, the alternator twice, the intake manifold gasket twice. It made the trip to Arizona from St. Louis when I moved in 2004. It made the trip to Oklahoma from Arizona when I moved in 2006. It has just under 100K miles. I think my fuel pump is starting to go out, as of today. Usually, it idles so smoothly at stop lights that I have to be sure it's still running. It always is. I hope to keep this car for many years to come. Go GM!!!
love my car it runs smooth i have a 1999 red monte carlo i bought used about three months ago and its doing me good so far. gets me where i have to go and is very realiable. i bought it with 150k miles and its still running nice it just needs a tune up. chevy is an awesome car brand.