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1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (4 Reviews)
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i need help with my air hoses i dont know were they run to
Bought this car used at 22,000 miles. Owned it for 11 years now. Great engine & trans. The rest of car plastic crap! Plastic gear in sun roof failed, GM replaced 4 faulty turn sig. switches under warr. A/C compressor shaft seal failed just after 50K warr. ended. Plastic console hinge broke twice, Leather seats paper thin, failed & roted. Carpet bald from floormat! Clearcoat on bumpers, rear spoiler & roof failed. Car garage kept all it'sd life. No wonder GM cant sell cars!
I have a 1998 Monte which I purchased new. I now have 228,000 miles on it and can't complain. It's been a great car. Brakes seem to be replaced alot but could be my Engine has been major issues. Standard water pump, serpentine belt, starter,etc but what do I expect at 228,000 miles? My check engine light has been on since 100,000 miles but engine is fine. I did have to spend a fortune to tell the computer that I wasn't stealing my own car. Was DEFINATELY not happy with that. Other than what I would call minor issues..I love my monte!!
I bought this car for $400 in early 2009. It has no major issues so far. The left wheel area makes some noises when driving straight or turning left. When turning right, it clears up. The driver's seat of this particular car was broken by the previous owner, due to the fact that he was 415 pounds. He leaned back, and the seat snapped. No major issues though. It has held up quite well. There is plenty of room in all seat positions, as well as huge trunk space.