1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo owners review and rate their 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (4 Reviews)
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wont start with the key.can cross it over but wont stay running
I just bought this car 2 weeks ago from my sister. The brake, ABS brake, low coolant, & check engine soon lights all came on while I was driving it home. Then within 3-4 days it produced a coolant leak. Whenever I would start the car, coolant poured out from the back side of the motor. Put coolant stop leak in and solved the problem for the moment. A day after the coolant leak started; it also produced an oil leak from back side of motor also. Oil stop leak did not work for this problem. I am a chick, so I only know the basic needs to know about cars. Need some advice please.
decent car
Needs brakes and power steering fixed