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2000 Chevrolet Metro owners review and rate their 2000 Chevrolet Metro.

2000 Chevrolet Metro (3 Reviews)
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I bought my 2000 Chevy Metro in 2010. I love my car, never had any trouble yet. The trunk is pretty good size, my husband's wheelchair and walker fit perfectly. Gas mileage is great, I would love to find another Chevy Metro when and if this one wares out before I do.
I bought our Chevy Metro LSI in 2000 and it has been a terrific commuting car. I drive it to work every day about 20 miles each way on the highway so it doesn't see a lot of city miles. I have been disciplined about keeping it maintained on time, especially changing the oil and such. I hope I can buy another one when this one wears out (which it shows no signs of doing even though it has almost 200,000 miles on it). I love the interior because it is made of molded plastic and I can wash it off with soap and water if something like a kid's shoe gets on it. I raised two kids driving this car and it is still in great condition inside. It is small, but easily carries 4 people in comfort. The trunk is ample and I transport my husband and his drumset to gigs with this car. The design is such that it gets around 40 miles/gallon on the highway. We need more cars like this!
It's a great car and cheap on gas. Just getting parts like tranny can be a little harder to find but overall I love my car