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2011 Chevrolet Malibu (7 Reviews)
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2011 chevy Malibu great car except for ESC & traction control light keeps coming on and car jerks , bought at 30,000 after it was hit ...GREAT CAR until recent issues....but it seems faulty wiring may be an easy fix just frustrating
I bought my 2011 Malibu lt1 with under 70k miles squeeky clean car fax well maintained always on time maintiance a couple days ago I LOVEEEEE IT. I traded my 2007 chevy impala ls for it. The small issue I have is I dont like the looseness in the steering the smallest steering wheel turn wow the car goes there. Steering is extreamly sensitive. And I so wish it was a v6 or v8 and not a 4 cyl. Car. Other then that SOOO MUCH ROOM SUPER STYLISH AND FUN!!!!! VERRRRRRRY reliable !! And safe!!!
I have a 2011 Malibu. Since the day it was delivered, I have complained to the dealer that it was sluggish and very poor gas mileage. My 2001 Silverado had about the same MPG. The dealer told me that if you get 20 - 25 mpg that was real good. Even though the sticker states otherwise. I have taken it in on many occasions and asked for it to be checked out. Still they say they found nothing. Now when I accelerate from stop, the mpg goes to 4 and the car hestitates even longer. Sound like there may be a leak in the exhaust system and has no get up and go at all. I really am so disappointed with this car.
2011 Malibu 4 cyl 2.4L eng. Won't accelerate at times with ac on, misses, like no gas or in neutral.Car may slow down till kicks in, have to use more pressure on gas pedal to get to point where operates normally.Intermitten problem,seems to have to warm up or be on highway to happen.
I have had my 2011 malibu in the shop 6 times for problems related to the shaking that i feel in the steering wheel when driving. On the 3rd visit they told me about a letter of concern issued by chevy. Not a recall, because it was still under warranty, problem continued and still is present off and on. My drain tubes in sunroof are clogged and reported problem months ago, to no avail. Nothing could be found by dealer. Got in fender bender when steering went shaky then nonresponsive. Took my car to new dealer who confirmed my problems. Electrical now having severe problems!! I am calling Chevrolet today to see what can be done. As I see it this car sems to be lemmon, but then again after looking at these blogs seem to feel could be whole line of malibu. Thought I was buying CAR OF THE YEAR!!
We have a 2011 Malibu LTZ. The problem we are experiencing is the interior lights fluctuate all the time. One time you can see the dash lights really well: speed, RPM, radio, etc. But then all of a sudden, they will lighten so that you can hardly see them. We haven't touched the switch that regulates it at all. Any suggestions, the dealership says that's normal. Really?
I have a chevrolet moalibu 2011, it start and drive but when I start it the car shaking you can feel the vibration,