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2009 Chevrolet Malibu (6 Reviews)
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This is the worse car ever. Be aware everything falls apart before the car is paid off. Its not worth the time energy and headache. I absolutely HATE my Malibu!

I bought this car in Dec. 2008, not realizing it was a new remodel. I hate this car so much now. Worst turn radius ever. Something new is broken on this piece of crap car every time I look at it. Replaced the battery cables, the battery has been replaced twice already, headlamp replacement fiasco (have to remove the damn bumper to change the bulb), visor fell off, radio buttons don't work, ABS is touchy, driver seat track loose ($800 to replace by the way), driver seat buckle stuck in locked position, replaced rear window insulation four car only has 38,000miles on it. My brother has the same car, bought a week later - he had all the same problems as well as a cylinder going bad and his front right tire fell off while he was driving. DO NOT EVER BUY AN 09 MALIBU LTZ
I have a 2009 Malibu LTZ. The vehicle has 203,031 miles on it as of 2013/07/08. **Note: I am not easy on vehicles.** I've had to replace the left wheel hub assembly once and the right assembly twice. A spring in the driver's seat-back broke that maintains pressure on the cushioning. (I'm 6'0" @ 180lbs, so not heavy.) The left wiper's stop position (before return) is in the driver's field of view... just a nuisance. I've had to flash the Bluetooth/On-Star module. The headlights are a royal pain to change, but I've done so myself every time. Note: I am NOT a mechanic, just mechanically adventurous. It's also a lot cheaper to do your own work. Oh, and I think my rear-left caliper is bad. It started leaking fluid today. :/
**I would buy this car again. It has put up with my lead foot and toted me all over the mountains of southwest VA and northeast TN. It is a comfy ride (for me) and that having spent over 8,000 hours in the seat.
Regarding the headlights: You only need a jack, jack stands (for safety) and a decent socket set. Oh... and time. The first time you do it it may take a couple of hours or more. Plan for 4ish. In advance buy replacement friction fasteners for the wheel well liners... maybe twenty. You should be able to locate vids or descriptions of the process online. Lay something under the front fascia so you don't scratch it. Keep a swear-jar nearby. You'll pay off the car before you get the headlights changed. :)
The headlight replacement of the 2009 Chevrolet Malibu is very suck!!! It is not possible to do it by yourself because you have to remove the front bumper to gain access to replace a $14.00 bulb with a special tool only the dealer ship has. It cost me upwards of $95 at the Chevrolet dealer (another quo at MONRO was $150). Bad bad bad design for a simple task!!!
bought this car 18months ago had no problem with it so far car rides smoth and quiet get great gas mileage this is the best car i ever owned only gripe is trans down shifts funny sometimes
By far the best car for the money. I have the LTZ and it is loaded. Satellite radio, Bluetooth, power everything, heated leather seats, paddle shifters and the list could go on and on and on......