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2005 Chevrolet Malibu (17 Reviews)
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I just purchased my car used.A chevy malibu 2005 the dealership lowered the price because it needed a fuel pump,the gas meter went on the car. that was fixed and the engine light came back on now its says i need a cat. on top of that the left signal light went and burned a whole in the bulb and a burn stain on the car. now i believe the transmission might be damaged due to the color being brown and since the car doesn't have a dipstick i can't check the trans myself. the car is cute but other then that its just trash. i should have kept my nissan altima 1997. Now im stuck and spending all my money on this car.smh
I own a 2005 Malibu LT I really do love my baby cadillac, my auto is fully loaded I bought it brand new. The problem is I had the gear shift replaced about a year ago, I should have taken it back when the vehicle was under warranty but the time of day never came. Now it's 2012 and no warranty and the shifter has gone from bad to worse. Now I can't move the gear shifter at all, it's now stuck in L and can't budge. I'm in St Louis and I tell you that I don't trust a chevy dealer in town. I have been screwed a few times by the dealers here. I will buy another GM products because it's the american thing to do,however I would like to get htis one repaired.Oh I almost forgot the interior was falling apart they said it was fixed and right now the problem still exist today. Can't tell you how many times I bought brakes and bulbs for my car. Knock in the steering column GM did not recall. Oh let me shut up I LOVE MY CAR!
Well I dont know where to begin but i do love my car, unfortunately there is a electrical problem. I change my signal and brake light almost every month on top of the windows, sometime it wants to work and the alarm keep going on when it wants to. Oh and let not forget about the AC/Heater blower that went out. I had to have the front Hub Barren replaced. Just tired of it and looking forward to getting rid of it!
Twice we lost a wheel cover and hub on the front of the car. We had a mechanic say that because they are fastened on with lugs they should not just come off. Has anyone else had a problem with this?
need to know bout the dashlights not coming on and door locks on driver door not working put new part on and its still not working
gm brakes are ng etc
I've made a few trips between San Diego and Phoenix and consistently get 32 mpg. For only being a 4 cylinder I pass people going up hills doing 65-70 with no problem. It has plenty of room and is very comfortable. We love it. No complaints except air conditioning doesn't seem cold enough.
Blown motor 64,000 metal fatigue on crank shaft $865 for the labor of the motor rebuild the dealer picked-up $3,300 in parts. Two months later electric power steering motor went out $695. Rental car both occations $375 out of pocket. The power steering issue was covered on other GM models but, not this one. Stated not enough reported broken same for the motor issue.
I bought this car at 47000 miles (now 70,000) and it still takes me where ever I need to go to this day. The power and electrical steering components on this car is amazing and it also saves on gas. The radio can perform many tasks such as showing the percentage of oil in the engine, measuring miles on trips and other cool stuff. Side mirrors on this car is too small but blends in perfectly with the car.
i have only had my car a few days ,but i bought it used 6000 miles and need to know bout the dashlights not coming on and door locks on driver door not working put new part on and its still not working
I've had the problem with my car not starting and I did have to wait 10 minutes before it started. Occassionally, my trunk lock sticks when it is really hot outside and I have to spray silicone spray on it to get the lock unstuck.
Good car with irritating problems like the passenger carpeting pulling up and the A/C turning itself off for no reason. The big one is the starting issue. Randomly does not start even though it turns over fine. The trick is to leave the key in the 'on' position for 10 full minutes, turn it off then it will start. It fools the theft-detection system.
Overall I like the car. Haven't had too many problems with it. I have owned it since 2006. Wondering if anyone else is having issues with their A/C button turning itself off. I have to constantly push it back in to make the a/c work. Also my carpeting in the front passenger side has come up along the side. Almost as if there wasn't enough carpet for it to lay flat.
Runs pretty well and overall for a cheaper car it runs really well.
Great car gets you where you need to go and back. I love the car
I own a 2005 Chevy Malibu LS, I absoltuly love it! I have had nothing go wrong, everything works. Great MPG, it usually get 35-40 MPG. Love the electric steering. Favorite part of the car is the exterior, very stylish, and the interior very comfortable. I would highly recomend this car!
Front Wheel berrings replaced @ 95000 miles heater control giving me problems now, no heat. not very comfortable feels like a cheap car . would not recomend
This car is the worst, by far, I have ever owned. Constant steering problems, steering system replaced 4 times. Power steering failures, rear wiper fixed twice. At least 20 times this car has been in the show for warranty repairs in 4 years. The lease is up next month. Thank goodness it's going. I work for GM, but don't think I'll buy another Chevrolet.