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2004 Chevrolet Malibu owners review and rate their 2004 Chevrolet Malibu.

2004 Chevrolet Malibu (8 Reviews)
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The engine and transmission are great. I get an average of 26mpg and a high of 35mpg on open road trips. No issues with drive train. No interior issues. The cruise control doesn't always work but that I think is related to the steering column work because of the horrible electric power steering design. It has been worked on under warrenty 3 times but problems were only temporarily resolved. I refuse to take it in to fix again because I know it will only be temporary. I have been waiting for a recall but no luck. Steering assist occationally turns off and repair service light is always on. If they would just resolve this issue I would think this car is a very good value.
Bought this car used 1 year ago. Since then, I have silenced most of the interior noise by tightening snaps/screws/filling gaps with tissue. Brakes were good when I bought the car, are completely shot, after only 10,000 additional miles of easy driving. Steering is electronically assisted, but randomly cuts out at slow speeds, such as turning after stop signs or backing out of driveways. Good highway car, but numerous quality issues on the interior, and several mechanical issues that should have been worked out before it went to production, like the power steering issue, which can be potentially life-threatening if you don't constantly anticipate it. Rides well, roomy for a family of 4, or 4 adults. Handles like a car twice its size, however.
If you are thinking about buying a used Malibu, don't. Slow speed turning is clunky. Brakes do not hold up well. Check engine light required an exception for state inspection. No one could fix it. On the positive, it is a good size car for a family of four including having adequate trunk space.
My malibu is a pretty good car for the price.
This car isn't awful but, very far from good. My steering completely failed as I was parking luckily. Found out that it was going to be about 1,000 to have it fixed! The car had 56,000 miles on it! The plastic back of the passenger seat has been broken since 20,000. Now at 75,000 my gas gauge no longer works and apparently theirs something wrong with one of my wheels and it could fall off. I wish i had traded it during the cash for clunckers deal.
I have owned this car for over 4 years and have little to no problems with it. I have had to replace the tires once and the brakes once in over 65,000 miles. It gets great mpg averaging over 30 mpg on highway and 24 city. I love the electric steering, very easy. The interior is very comfortable even in the back seat. I would, and have, recommended this car.
I've almost had my '04 Malibu LS for 5 years now and it's never treated me wrong. I've had a couple minor problems with the interior, specifically the power adjustments on the driver's seat and some rattles in the dashboard; the brakes do seem to wear more quickly than I would hope. Other than that, it's been a fine car with a nice ride and plenty of features. The V6 offers good power with great MPGs. I would recommend it highly.
This car has a plethora of issues. Steering system has failed 3 times, engine has significant trouble starting without any ability to diagnose, transmission struggles to downshift (unacceptable for only 4 gears), brakes need to be replaced every 15,000 miles, suspension gets very loose after 50,000 miles, electric release trunk works when it feels like it, side mirrors don't work after 60,000 miles, driver window auto-down doesn't work after 60,000 miles. Does drive well on the highway and gets excellent fuel economy for having a large V6 engine. Engine is smooth and torquey. I would not recommend this vehicle.