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2001 Chevrolet Malibu (7 Reviews)
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A little over 2 years ago I bought a 2001 Chevy Malibu from a franchised Chevy dealer. It had 98,000 miles on it, and I thought I got a good deal, especially with it being a dealer. I was wrong. I now have 125,000 miles on it, and have had the following issues. Replaced radiator due to broken drain. Replaced intake manifold gaskets due to coolant leak. Was told it was because of DexCool. Replaced serpentine belt tensioner due to bearing failure, left me stranded. Engine has an intermittent knocking noise. Replaced all 4 struts, suspension was out of alignment, not adjustable. A/C works when it wants to. Both rear door power window regulators failed. I bolted the windows in the closed position. Starter jammed up flywheel, broke starter housing. Windshield washer quit working. I would buy another car, but I have so much money tied up in this one I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and keep it a couple more years.
I have experienced problems with this car since purchasing it used. It does not even have 80,000 miles on it yet. I am 62 years old, retired female and seldom drives it now, but when I do, there is something wrong with it. I have repaired the lights, where it rained around the parking lights. Ignition sticks and I have to jiggle it to make it turn. The horn, locks, lights all were blinking at once; had this repaired. Now, it needs a fuel pump (01-24-13). When I put it in drive after taking my foot off the break, it makes a very loud scary thumping sound. However, whenever I had everything repaired, it ran for a few months. Since I am now retired and live on a fixed income, I can't afford to get it repaired all the time, or trade it off for a new car. Honestly, I like the car, but it has given me so much heartache. Oh yes, the heating and air does not work either.
good car all around it can take a beating and yet runs good,picks up speed really good, all and love this car.
gm should be ashamed to sell junk like this to the public... PERIOD!
Replaced brakes twice and I am an easy driver.
Multiple electrical and control problems..they just keep coming. ABS light, Anti theft problems-car won't start, horn honking, blinkers blink constantly.Also door locks don't respond, window motors going out. And fuses go out often, air flow control malfunctions.
Engine has been good for me.
Exhaust replaced at 85,000 miles.
Heating and air not very strong.
Steering has been good for me, suspension ok.
2001 Chevrolet Malibu CURRENT MILEAGE: 66,000
I have owned this vehicle new and have always found problems with it. When it had about 25,000 miles the Warning lights kept showing up many times (the lights were on unpredictable times!) I had spent $2500 just trying to fix those lights. Then last year the Smog Failure caused me to spend another $1500; and, now another $3003 is estimated to fix the suspension struts, alignment, brake pads and new tires. My friend tells me to THROW THIS CAR IN THE GARBAGE!!!!! Government people: please give another "CASH FOR CLUNKERS PROGRAM" SOOOON!!!!!
Body, Interior : Worst, no fancy, and seats gets punched inside wihtin few months, no sturdy seats. Interior is very bad/common, nothing special though Dasjboard is good.

Drive Train is ok
Brakes are also ok
Electrical and ligths: tye worst developer/design engineered, Auto Light Mode is fine but no off switch ?
this pains when we wait for 10mins to disable anti theft system, lights goes on and on and ahve to hld the breath for battery not coming down after anti theft non-sense is disabled.

Enigne: ok, but not great.

A/C, just sucks
Suspension and steering is ok

One bad thing is dont turns on everytim.
Anit theft system gettignactiavte for no reason for the owner itself. how many time s need to change the keys ?
and GM not worried about fixing them.
and Dealers cost $350 for fixing, whats the real prupose of ANit Theft system? to lay te owners in the middel of road and parking lots ?