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2000 Chevrolet Malibu (7 Reviews)
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My husband and I have been ALL OVER the US in our Malibu and I'm constantly amazed at how well it's held up to so much use (and abuse).
It now has almost - 3 1 5,0 0 0 - miles on it and we're finally having to deal with the electrical issue that seems to have so many owners frustrated with replacing one part after another. The issue that's forced us to have to finally do something about it is the hazard/turn signal problem, which I'm hoping will be resolved along with the various lights that are not working, the AC fan not working on lower speeds, the cig lighter constantly blowing it's fuse, and worst of all, the car occasionally just dying while driving down the road.
I've come to believe these may all be caused by a single issue after reading this comment about the AC fan...

"As a service advisor working at a GM dealership for 9 years, I have seen this problem more times than I can count. In my experience, the blower resistor shorts out due to an open in the pigtail harness. A lot of mechanics don't bother to troubleshoot the resistor failure, they just replace the component and move on. Unfortunately, the wire harness has to short several resistors before the mechanic starts to see that something is wrong."

... and discovering all our issues can be traced back to the ignition and wiring in the steering column.

So wish me luck, because even with the problems I just mentioned, we still wouldn't hesitate to load up and drive across the country again.
Had to have engine replaced at 57,000 due to dex-cool coolant problem. Other than that very few problems but I only have 85,000 on it.
I recently purchased from a senior citizen. The vehicle has 36,000 miles on it. But, the engine light is on. So far I replaced the gas cap, the solenoid and the charcoal cannister. I still cannot get the cel to go out. Any suggestions?
I recently was in a car accident in this vehicle where the left mirror was taken off the and the driver's door panel doesnt open all the way so im thinking the front panel is dented and preventing the door from ompletely opening.. does anyone know what this might cost to get repaired?
I have a Malibu 2000 and it is getting to be a problem. I paid 3000 dollars for it about 2 years ago. It had been wrecked and after having it painted and repaired I was out of nearly 5000 dollars and I am still having problems. Do you know anyone who wants to buy a used chevy that run well but is always giving me emission problem??? Plus, I spent nearly 3 hundred last month and now I need to spend more on the air pump! Somebody help me Please!!!
I purchased my 2000 Chevy Malibu with 75000 miles on it, didn't have to make any major repairs until last year. Overall this is a reliable car and inexpensive to fix. I love my car and am seriously thinking about upgrading to a newer model.
I have to change the brakes and rotors every year. I spent $1100 for intake manifold gasket, $500 for fuel pump, $60 water pump. CD player stopped working after 3 yrs and most of lights behind buttons on dash are out.