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1997 Chevrolet Lumina (6 Reviews)
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I bought this car over 2 years ago used and have not had anything go wrong with it. I feel very blessed since I drove it so many miles back and forth to school. I just recently had some items on it fixed, but was only because it has not been done since I have owned the car. I keep the oil changed and all components checked. I have a little problem with gas gauge not being correct so I just watch my mileage for fill-up. I also put 4 new tires on it and hope to keep this car until I decide to get newer model car or it completely breaks down, either way, very happy with my car. Looking for window washer reservoir which was missing when bought car.....
my Lumina runs good at all speeds except when passing or climbing a steep hill then I get a miss on cylinder 4 replaced coil plug and plug wire
Ive had my 1997 chevy lumina for about 8 or 9 years,Ive never had any major problems I just recently put a new battery and alterator in it. Im have to have new struts, Ive never done anything to the exhaust system since Ive had the car. Its the best car Ive ever owned.
I have had this car for 5 yrs as a work car, It has 130,000 miles and I have changed the oild maybe 1 time a year since I got it, i know thats stupid but its just a work car and I dont care. Very reliable. Had a coolant leak somewhere but I put bars leaks in it and it stopped, and I think a motor mount is shot but this car runs smooth and strong.
my 97 lumina has run good and been has most of the problems other owners talk about.worst of all is the coolant leak on the driver side intake manifold.also a/c compresseor blew out front seal .also cant seem to find a low coolant switch that works-ive tried 3
Bought the car a year aggo with 97k on it, its now about to turn over 112k after commuting in it for a year. I put a GM CD player from a '98 S-10 in it and it was an easy plug-in-perfect fit, now it's a joy to drive!

Service Highlights:
97,000mi -replaced both Oxygen sensors
97,000mi -replaced alternator
100,000mi -transmission filter/fluid changed
100,000mi -water pump chaged
110,000mi -fuel gauge sender started acting crazy, at 1/3 tank or less, gauge needle starts moving up/down at random. Mechanic says heavy Sulphur Deposits from a bad batch of cheap gas killed the sender inside the tank. Sender and fuel pump are in 1 piece, and must be replaced together (ouch).
111,000mi -ABS sensor ring on front axle shaft cracked and is now loose, causing the ABS pump to tap like crazy every time I use the brakes -time to replace Axle shaft, (Even though the rest of shaft works fine)
111,900mi -Recharged Air conditioner

I admittedly put my cars through what the manufacturers call "Heavy Duty Use" because I have such a long commute 6 days a week, but the Lumina takes it better than any V6 car I have owned, It is the strongest performing V6 vehicle I have owned (Quick for a 3.1 Liter, and corners very well with good tires), It's the Highest MPG V6 I have owned (I've been through several) and the Lumina is the most comfortable 4-door I have owned.

It consistently gets 22-27 mpg no matter what, Engine still purrs like new, car still looks like new, and even though I dont like the price tags on the fuel sender and the axle shaft, I still love this car. So much so, I bought (used) Luminas for my wife and daughter, because they fell in love with the Lumina too, and my wife kept borrowing mine!