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1993 Chevrolet Lumina (4 Reviews)
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The car drives like a dream but suddenly sprung a leak from the radiator hose or the radiator itself when pressure built up from city-driving and antifreeze was dripping to ground on driver's side in front of tire. Recently idled car in cold weather to see where leak was while watching temp gauge to find puddle of red fluid between engine and radiator. Turns out to be fluid from transmission cooling line. I was told it IS DANGEROUS TO DRIVE UNLESS FIXED??!! I don't have the $$ to fix. Does this mean I sell it to junkyard when ENGINE IS CHERRY?? IT STILL DRIVES LIKE A DREAM!! This car has gone through many miles getting me to cancer treatments/radiation/doctor vists!
i have a 93 chevy lumina and i was wonderin what the sensor is for on the rack bc i found another rack that fits but it dose not have that sensor would you happen to know what it is and what it dose??
I bought my car used in 09. Had 87000 miles on it. The person I bought it from put too small tires on it, once I put the right size tires on it the MPG improved slightly. It's been running great. Though, not with about 104000 miles on, only gets about 12mpg. I drove it about 800 miles with no problems. But now it's having issues. It's a good little car, though at it's age and miliage now is not a road trip car which is why I'm trading it in. I would recomend it to someone who doesn't travel very far on daily basis. The only real issuses I've had are the driver door handle snapping making it not open from the outside, I have met other lumina drives who havent had that issue, a hose leaking, and then as a result of the repair, though I can't prove it, a metal hose snapped. Mostly, had to replace things do to age.
Only had my car a short time, but it runs great even with a bad strut!!
after research the car seems like all say, very dependable and responsive!!
i enjoy driving it!!