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2009 Chevrolet Impala (7 Reviews)
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I have less than 30,000 mi on my 2009 Impala. On-Star communication module died 1/2 thru 2200 mi trip. Would have been $550 to replace. Bought GPS instead for under $300. Upon arriving home, had local GM dealer look @ on-Star & offered to replace it for $300. They said after 5 years (no warranty), the computers in car can die. Said there are lots of internal computers. Few days after that, the car (w/only a 2-3 yr old battery w/5+ yr life)seemed to struggle starting and warning said auto-lights were on. We let car run & turned off auto-lights. A few days after that, same thing, but this time it said SERVICE AIR BAG. That light remains on. Auto book said to take it to dealer because it means air bag may not go off in a crash OR it could go off @ any time even w/o a crash. Less than 30,000 miles, well-maintained car and now internal computers & electrical equipment is failing???? Remember - 2009 impala had seat belt, air bag, & key ignition recalls. What's wrong w/GM cars these days?
Had to replace drivers power lock acuator. Now it is acting up again. Had issues with air bag light coming on. It had disconnected under drivers seat. "Slapping" noise coming from left front tire (like something stuck to it, but nothing there). Now have tapping noise coming from under dash when turn air on, off, underlock doors with remote, open trunk, or open drivers door. Remote works then won't work. Of course all of these new problems have started 1 day after warrenty expired.
Overall it is a good car. Gas mileage with the 3500 engine is excellent. My issues have been sensors, ABS/Traction Control,and airbag sensor issues as well. I have 113,400 miles and it runs great. No issues other then the sensors.
I have already had to replace rear driver side power lock acuator and now the front passenger side power lock acuator is bad. $230 for eah repair. first one was covered under warranty. Very expensive and pretty upset this has happened to 2 windows and car has less than 50,000 miles on it.
bought 2009 used with 19k. battery replaced 2x, ac issues off and on, front end alignment done, do oil changes faithfully every 4-5K, K&N air filter no issues, brakes have been so so from the beginning, appears they are now warped and need replaced, will do that with better quality brakes this time, have the same issue another writer addressed with the transmission slipping at odd times, appears for me that on an uphill incline is when I have noticed it lately, will be taking it in since have a 100k extended warranty.
Impala is worst car when it comes to transmission, every 6 months I have to change my tranny, catalic converter is a problem, body throtle is problem, engine power reduce is problem, lots of lots of problem.
best car, thats why we've had 3 since 2006! all brand new and loving them!