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2006 Chevrolet Impala owners review and rate their 2006 Chevrolet Impala.

2006 Chevrolet Impala (7 Reviews)
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My 2006 chevy impala chimes when i accelerates on gas what does that mean i had to replace the power steering hose twice and the ac when i ture off or on it makes a clicking noise after a minute or so it goes off. Help!!!!
We bought the car new, now has 49K miles. It came with bad alignment, no sign of it until the tires wore out at 25K miles.
The remote control failed after four years. The dealer said they put in bad modules until March of 67. The dealer wanted
$650 to repair, had it done at a car alarm shop for $160.
The steering shaft started clunking at around 40K miles, haven't had it repaired. The car has a decent ride, it gets around 30 mpg on the highway, 18 in town.
i have had car 2 month. it have 161,141 miles ride good. just one problem have a large leak in vacum line.
I have had this car since new. No problems. Car has 97000 miles. No plan to sell. Average gas mileage is 27 miles a gallon. Drive 35 miles to work. 25 miles of freeway driving. Good basic car.
Issues I have had with my 2006 CHev Impala,head lights are poor to average.Steering from day one makes a creaking noise when turned to far left or right, cant get dealer to find any problem.Trunk area above opening poor desing or weak metal many owners complain of early rusting.
Bought a 2006 Impala with 70,000 on it. Had all kinds of problems off the bat. Warning said it was low on oil when it wasn't. Warning said electrical system wasn't charging right, HOWEVER.... My mechanic saw a service bulletin and called me and said the computer needed to be reprogrammed. He reprogrammmed the computer and knock on wood I have had no major problems since! Just a tip for anyone having the same problem! ... Since getting that fixed my opinion has impproved some of the vehicle. However the ride is not as smooth as I expected in that recent of a car and I am not impressed with the gas mileage. Other owners seem really happy though.