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2002 Chevrolet Impala owners review and rate their 2002 Chevrolet Impala.

2002 Chevrolet Impala (8 Reviews)
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best car built in two decades.
Having electric problems. Turn signals make buzzing noise. Sometimes they won't even work. Now the car will not start. Only after its been sitting awhile. Someone please point me in the right direction toward getting it fixed..
i have a 02 imapale when i start it it it keeps cranking and when i turn the key off it continues to crank any tips
Purchased in fall of 2002 my Impala. It had 25k miles on it. It has over 338,000. The engine is still strong and one uses Mobil one sythenic oil. Normal wear, ac, brakes, and radiator. I still trust it on any trip. Maintenance is the sucess for my Imapala. The engine is expected to go 500k miles before I stop driving it. Is it the Oil?
I bought the car brand new and have only had three problems: intake gasket leak ($1400), catalytic converter replaced ($250), and dash lights operate during day but not at night. I have 152,000 miles on it and still confidently make 2,400 mile trips in this car. Great car when maintenance is kept up.
2002 Impala SS with 198k miles and still running strong....Very little breakdowns on major components over its 9 year life. Routine maintenance and TLC pays off.
2002 Chevy Impala base model runs good at 63,750 miles. The serpentine belt has been replaced ($100w/labor), the rear brakes & fluid change ($400) , new tires w/4 wheel alignment($600+), oil change and filter ($20) ,fuel system cleanout ($80). Runs great now. Put a few bucks in with the hope she continues to run well.
The Good: Great size & good mpg for a roomy 5 passenger car with a giant trunk. Built like a tank underneath so very good crash ratings are no surprise. I have 115,000 miles so the repairs below are not a real knock on the car.

The Repairs: High beam/low beam control arm went ($800); Needed new manifold gasket which required much labor ($800); Replaced heater box ($400); Front wheel bearings and struts ($800)

For a car with that many miles, the repairs are perhaps borderline normal maintenance. It still runs strong and we pit on a lot of taxing (stop'n' go driving) miles on it.