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2001 Chevrolet Impala owners review and rate their 2001 Chevrolet Impala.

2001 Chevrolet Impala (5 Reviews)
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I like the car, but to many problems. The security system won't let me start my car sometimes...have to reset battery, powering steering sucks.
Hi bought my 2001 Chevy impala from a one owner 2/2013 with only 58,000 original miles well the car is a good running car excellent on gas, it's a fast car I love it but the cons are 1. My door opener key clicker don't work put new batteries still has to open doors with key dealer say they couldn't program it there's problem with security system issue 2. When driving indicators works when they want to one minute they blinking get out go to store get back in turn on a street nothing they are so frustrating cause I don't want no one running in me they dnt need no fuse but I can't understand why it acts up 3. Keep getting a message saying high beams are out when the switch is on but they working fine 4. My check engine lights comes off an on first was cause I needed new gas cap replaced it but this time round I dont know what's the problem. This car somewhat is a pain I love it just without all the headache problems can anyone help to with some of my issues.
Good car, engine frame has a small squeek, but otherwise a great car.
I bought my 2001 Impala in 2004, it has never given my any problems. I actual still get a thrill from it when behind the wheel. It has 108,000 miles and is stronger than ever!
Pros: Good basic transportation, plenty of passenger room, leg room (front & rear), easy to drive), large trunk and reach through back seats, interior cabin lights lacking, inexpensive to buy and maintain.
Cons: No cup holders in the back.