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2007 Chevrolet HHR (9 Reviews)
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Bought a 2007 HHR to use as a tow car. It was sitting in our driveway, after taking grandkids to classes, and the interior just burst into flames. It had been sitting over an hour. The firemen and insurance company said it was electrical. WHY WOULD A CAR JUST BURST INTO FLAMES? Chevrolet is not interested in why this happened or the safety of its customers, or my family! I have contacted but they basically said since the insurance company was notified and the car was totally lost, it was now their car, NOT ours, and they would NOT check to see why this happened. It was our car when it burned up!! It was my family that was at risk riding in it! VERY DISAPPOINTED!
Bought as a company car with 8,000 miles on it. Even after four accident repairs and 107,000 miles, the car is always reliable.

Brakes, tires, oil and other normal wear and tear items fixed and changed as needed.

Wish the SS was offered that year, as I love the look and turbo offered with them.

Beside the ignition recall ( which is still not fixed) Lets see I was in there in April . I got a letter at the beginning of the month of Oct that the parts should be in and fixed by end of OCT . Here it is Oct 30th and still no call on when it will be done). Only complaint that the headliner had to be refoamed because of some rattling. Otherwise all is good . Mine is a 2007 and just turned 51,000. I had a bad battery under warranty, but mine has been good to me .
I bought this car off the lot in Feb. 2007. I currently have 177K on it and still runs great. We had to replace the headlight bulb which was a bit troublesome through the wheelwell but we managed. I have had very few issues. The brakes lasted until around 165K. I recently replaced tires and the brakes now feel a bit weird when applied hard but I am going to have my brake man check to see if it is a warped rotor or something with the tire install. I have been very pleased with this car and hope to keep it running through another 150K miles. Sorry I got the gem when others seem to have found lemons.
I bought my 2007 HHR in April with 50,000 miles on it. I had to repalce the rotors on it because they were warped. I have to replace the gear shift because the pin has come out, from what I have read, so my key won't come out. Then yesterday the check engine light came on and the transmission control module needs to be replaced. Also the TCM detected an emission related fault. Also my front head light went out but to change it out you have to go through the wheel well to change it out. Before I bought this car I reviewed it extensively and all reviews were good. I guess I got a lemon.
2007 HHR Fall Limited edition bought new , car has been great have 75,900 miles. Still runs great.Had a rattle in front end turned out to be part of front swaybar.Change my own oil.Always use Full Synthetic oil/ change air cleaner and cabin air filters.Still get 30MPG average around town/highway.I'll give it an "A" . As far as rotors STOP BRAKING SO HARD SLOW DOWN, they'll last.
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT Only thing is the paint has chipped away in a lil v shape just below the plastic stone guard in front of the rear tires need to get repaited and poss running boards to stop
I've been driving the HHR for a few months and I'm quite surprised by the "feel" of this car. It's steering is very responsive, the ride is solid and the cabin noise is very low. My only gripe is the 2.4L is a little underpowered during acceleration and it sounds funny. Once your up to speed, the power is adequate.
Bought this car brand new and with 11,500 miles on it now we average 28 mpg and no problems so far