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2006 Chevrolet HHR (10 Reviews)
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I bought my 2006 HHR new in May 2005. It's served as a first car for two teenage sons. They each drove it pretty hard. It is still a daily driver for my wife and another son. Currently it has 250,000 miles on it and starts and runs well. In the past 11 years I replaced the front rotors 2x, the battery once, the starter 2x and replaced the cheap plastic door handle once. Overall the car has been excellent.
have an 06 hhr and love it the only problem with 45000 miles on it is the hatch that stop working and the door handle that broke off.. one other thing was the rotors that had to be replace twice. I love the car but don't understand with the miles being so low was why has these problems come up. Chevy needs to check these problems out and make a better fix to these problems.
Bought this car new. I have had no problems with it until a recall on the dash glove box latch. Had service done and now 1 year later the latch for the lid came loose. I have 59000 miles on it now. I love the way this car drives and handles in turns,very sporty.The car has some cheap plastic parts,i.e. dash glove box latch,but really,what car on the market today does not use cheap plastic parts where possible. Only thing I have done is maintain the oil,changed tires at 40,000 miles and brakes at 55,000 miles. I still have the original battery in the car. I highly recommend this car.
front windshield wipers do not work. wiper motor has been tested and works. switch on steering column tests okay. concern it might be body control module.
Since I bought my '06 HHR LT I have nothing but high marks for this model. 58k and still running strong with a 5 speed manual shift, (yes I said manual), I have all the power and control I need. I do my own oil and air filters servicing so not much in the way of mechanic fees...and with a manual tranny I still have some pretty good pad left on the front disks and rear shoes.... must admit though I take exermely good care, almost boarding on pampering, (hand wash and waxing), of the vehicle so it still looks brand new..clean body and with the exception of a wind shield replacement (damn rocks) and normal tire wear replacement I have had no major expences.
I guess it all in the care and upkeep...... an A++
HHR are nothing but a money eater car. You can never get a staight answer when you ask a question. they not sell manuels for it unless u want to pay $195.00 that is just ridicouls. The dealers just want to charge an arm and a leg for working on it. I recommmend that you do not buy unless you look into how much parts are going to cost you. They should not be making computer cars. Especial when they dont want to help diagnose the car.
Smooth riding car built with cheap plastic parts that break easily!! First it was the sun roof air deflector net thing that was held by plastic parts that broke and so now the window wont close all the way. Using tape around the window to prevent water and air from coming in through the roof. Then the driver side handle on the inside broke inside the door. Also a plastic hinge. I want out of this Car!! Thought it was an american made vehicle, discovered it was made in MEXICO!!! Gadgets made of cheap plastic!! Looking at Subaru now =(
No Problems
Decent car but have replaced rotors twice in 60K miles. Also had to get wiring harness fixed (service bulletin) because it rubbed and wore through around the head ($1100). Shifter had to be replaced ($300). The blinkers wouldn't turn off and needed parts replaced in steering column twice ($100 ea)
We only have 42000 miles on this car and have had more than our share of problems with the front suspension. The dealer replaced the bearing assembly on the right side under warranty but now I think the left side is bad. I don't believe you should have these kinds of problems with such low mileage.