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2008 Chevrolet Equinox (11 Reviews)
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At around 40,000 miles everything started falling apart. Moisture accumulated in the headlamp area, causing me to have to replace the bulbs every year. Have to replace at dealer because entire grill has to come off to replace. Cost of approx. $75.00 per bulb. Mirror covers on both visors broke off within the first couple of years (I do not have any small children, broke just by opening them). Leather seats ripped on side of both driver's and passenger's seats. Turn signal lever broke at around 60,000 miles. Electric door locks started going at around 50,000 miles, first driver's side, now rear and front passenger sides both out. Cost to replace approx. $375 each. 85,000 miles the heater started smelling and pushing steam into the vehicle. Steam coming through all vents. Service stabilizer light came on around 70,000 miles and went off next day. Came back on a couple of times a few months part. Check engine light then came on. Had to replace EGR valve. So far service stabilizer light has stayed off but it has only been one week. The air conditioning does not stay on when you shut the car off. When you turn the car on, you always have to turn air back on. This was my FIRST and will be my ONLY GM vehicle. I had a Ford Expedition with 226,000 miles on it that I didn't have nearly the trouble with. My Equinox only has 95,000 miles, but like I said, the trouble started around 40,000 miles, except moisture in headlamps, that started almost right away. I did ask GM to repair because I have seen several others with the moisture and it seems to be a defect, but they refused.
Had the traction control issue for over a year. Many trips to the mechanics to find the problem. The problem was a connection on left side of the motor mounted on the frame. It had come loose. Now we have an oil pressure coming on and off.
Bought new LTZ started having problems within 2 weeks after purchase, had wheel hub replaced. Within a month started having problems with the electrical system. Passenger seat broke, dealer would not fix. Both covers fell off mirrors on visors, cup holders broke,"leather" seats cracked and ripped. Air conditioner and heater went out cost $1500.00 to repair. After 3 months of driving this vehicle I begged GM to just buy it back from me because I wasn't in a position to trade and I could not sell it to anyone with all the problems. Would never buy another GM product!!

my 2008 equinox keeps giving the message 1) traction control check 2) stablilink and the picture of a motor has recently started and is constantly on. What's happening!!!!

This SUV is a joy to drive; however, I've had several problems with it. For 3 weeks now it's been in the shop constantly. But hey! You'll have car trouble with any car.
We have over 11800, miles on our equinox. Service traction
control lights keep coming on. What does this mean? We have had no problems with our car, we keep it serviced, oil change regulurly, etc.
Connectors at wires to fans have lost connection. This makes the AC not work. You have to jiggle the connectors at the fan and they will come on and this makes the fans work. Both fans on the engine side have same problem. Other problem was door handle on drivers door broke internally. $32 for a new door handle and $55 to paint it to match the car color. Door handle is all plastic. Poorly made product.

I purchased a new Equinox Sport in 2008. Lots of performance, very torqy and fun to drive. The turning radius on this car is HORRIBLE! You cannot park it without jockeying the car several times to get into a normal parking spot. Forget about parrallel parking. At about 60k the problems started. Drivers side window and pwr. door locks quit working. A bit of investigation found 3 broken wires in the flexible housing between the door and A-pillar. $300 for a new door harnness and back to work. At 66k, the cam position sensor and crank timing sensors failed. Replaced but did not fix the issue. Turned out to be a blocked oil passage near a cam bearing. (None of these were covered by the 100k mile warranty) P.S. I have always purchased GM and have never owned anything but GM. Next time might be a different story.
Had this truck for almost a year, and LOVE EVERY MINUTE I SPEND BEHIND THE WHEEL!!! It drives very well. Handles like a mid-level sedan (some body lean at times), has AWESOME gas mileage, and is VERY dependable! The interior is practically CAVERNOUS. I could probably fit my former PT Cruiser in there with the rear seats folded down, and still have room for a passenger up front. The Traction Control is a dream to have, even on the FWD drivetrain. I have seen better than average gas mileage on both city and highway. I'd recommend that synthetic oil be used in the motor, since the oil has a longer useful life than conventional oil. The Equniox is an absolute joy to drive and own! If I had the money, I would most definitely purchase another one!!!!
Really enjoy this small SUV. While the gas mileage isn't quite the stated MPG, it rides and handles well. Has had one recalled item. Had one item fixed under warranty which involved the unit that allows the air/heat to be redirected from top vents to lower (feet) vents. One annoyance that the service department could not diagnose early on is a 'clunk' noise one hears after pulling away from a dead stop (i.e., after car has been parked and turned off). The noise is probably related to the AWD system (drive train) somehow. While the noise is faint, it is noticeable and gave us concern when we first heard it. Take note if you get one with a sunroof: DO NOT have a bug screen installed as it changes the airflow over the car and will make the rubber dam inside the sunroof vibrate loudly when opened.
Plenty of pep in my sport model, shifting the trans manually is fun. You feel like your are driving the car not that the car is driving you.Only complaint is not enough pouches and places for stuff.the 264 hoursepower engine really makes the vehicle PAY ATTENTION.