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2006 Chevrolet Equinox (4 Reviews)
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I know a lot about cars so I thought I needed to changed my ignition switch cylinder and I did but when I turned the key a light on the dashboard came on that said lock, there a key code that I need to know about and if so where can i find this key code is there anybody that can tell me.Thank-you in advanced. desperately needing help with this one. from Cj
I love my car. When I think about getting a new car, it is not because of need, but only want. This car drives just as smoothly as when I bought it 4 years ago.
If I break down and decide to buy again, the Equinox is still at the top of my list... but next time I think I will get it in black :)
this car is built in CANADA by suzuki.found that out the hard way.the engine is chinese and the trans in jap. chey claims "american" yeah my butt.the door panels fell off,the over head map lights break at the slightest touch.rear outer door panle fell off.tailgate inner door panel fell off.replaced rotors at has 75000 and needs them burns oil like a oil fired steam locomotive (1 quart per 195 mile tankful).the mileage SUCKS.chevy claims 28 i cant even get 18.never been over 230 miles to a full tank.the alternator just went out yet again for the 5th time this morning.the list just goes on and needs a new trans right now.shifting VERY week were junking it and buying a FORD.
The key goes in and sometimes locks up. Had it to the shop and there is a special Chev lubricant you have to use to lubricate it. We also had to have the Trans Cooler replaced it started leaking.