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1991 Chevrolet Corsica (1 Review)
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I buaght my 1991 Chevrolet Corsica in 1999. I have not had any trouble or problem with the car since I have owned it. I am still driveing it in 2013. The only design problem of the engine was the tendacy for the engine head to warp over time. Thus causeing the engine to leak anti freeze from the engine head. A replaced head and related parts took care of it. A well worth the money repair. The car has been a northern IL auto since I buaght it. the body and paint lasted in almost perfect condition up until around 2008. There are a few area's where corosion took hold. The lift point's. The rear wheel well's, inner and outer. And of course the rear fender lip's. The lower front body / door area. The engine's economy and ease of maintenance has been excellent. The interior and front seats are very well designed and have lasted in very good condition. I have driveing this car throughout the united state and back in comfort and confidence. I have removed the rear seats and everything out of the trunk for removeale of excess wieght removeal. I have kept a high quality tune up on the engine with aftermarket performance parts. The Corsica has provided me with exceptional fuel mileage and improved performance. I installed the largest performance tires that would fit onto the rim's. I will miss this car greatly when I have to retire it.