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2011 Chevrolet Colorado owners review and rate their 2011 Chevrolet Colorado.

2011 Chevrolet Colorado (1 Review)
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I will never buy a Chevy again. This Colorado is a junk. Turned on the wipers after window got slop on it. Now the passenger side wiper arm will not move. Of course it is out of warranty. Jockey box door broke the first week. Had to wait for 3 months for parts. CD player stopped working again waited for parts for over a month. Tires were shot in less than 15,000 miles due to cupping rotated 3xs. Front end shop said it was so far out they were surprised you could keep it on the road. Highway fuel mileage sucks gets the same in town @ 19 mpg. Slower you drive it the worst mileage. You can not clean mud of the cloth seats. Interior is crap. Scratches easy and impossible to clean. Truck has rattled since the day it came off the show room floor. I also own 96 ford 3/4 ton with 70,000 hard miles on it. It don't rattle at all. Heater fan makes a horrible noise after it is on high for 5 minuets or longer. It has had problems with the tire pressure sensors. I have had the door lock system fail and it set off the car alarm. It went off really quiet like about half the volume it usually does. Had a hell of a time shutting it off. Breaks are a real problem. If one tire slides you have NO BREAKS. Dangerous to say the least. Chevy says no problems. Cant get it to shift out of 4 low without a lot of cussing. Don't buy one of these trucks. Last Chevy product I will buy.