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2008 Chevrolet Colorado (6 Reviews)
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I had a problem with wet floor mats and discovered that the high level brake/cargo light seal had deteriorated and allowed rain water to enter the cab. Some of the bulbs had shorted out and were replaced at the time of repair. We had a time finding the problem because I thought the windshield was leaking but the fellow at the glass place told me that as I still had the original windowshield it was not likely the case.
There is also an issue with wind noise caused by improper door alignment and rainwater seems to get into the drivers' side door when it is parked and will leak out when the door is opened following the rain.
Absolutely enjoy the truck. We are at 41,000 miles now. Great mileage! Enjoy the ride. We only had to take it back 1 time and they found dust on the brake pads. :) We couldn't be any happier with our choice of vehicle.
my 08 colorado has many problems 1.bach window would not go up due to the motor parts were dry, 2.keep replacing upper ty rods and lower rods passenger side was dipping down 11 inchs, had to be lifted bach up, 4.the cat makes noise due to the honey cone on the inside came lose,5.driver side window makes noise ,and i keep replacing the switch to the fan, one time it was smoking. now i have a new problem with the cooling fan not working to good it makes noises tell it kick's down.bad on gas mileage too...........
my truck will not start or try to start
Interior is disgusting, not comfortable at all chevy totally could have done better. I have a 2008 Maroon 4 door I5 Z71 4x2 which has been a fairly reliable truck compared to my Chevy s10. However, I have had the rear end replaced 3 times already and it is still leaking. Have had the radio replaced once and is still not working exactly right. ABS and parking brake lights come on for misc reasons. Am looking to trade it in for an Equinox in 2011, at least those look comfortable.
Bought my '08 Rado when it was already a year old. I had owned a Chevy S-10 and it was small small small. I didn't want another small truck and I didn't want a full size (had one of those too) truck, this 'Rado is the perfect mid-sized truck! I absolutely love this truck, it has that 'retro' looking front the squareness of it...and the grill looks like it's full of headlights/lamps! Wouldn't trade this truck for anything, it's a KEEPER!